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  • Artemisinin
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CAS: 63968-64-9
Synonyms: yellow artemisinin, Artemisia annua
English : artemisinin Arteannuin; Qinghaoshu
Extract Source : extracted from Artemisia annua ( Compositae Artemisia annua, Artemisia annua L) of the leaves .
Characters: the white needle crystal
Melting point : 156-157 ℃
Solubility: soluble in chloroform, acetone, ethyl acetate and benzene, soluble in ethanol, insoluble in water.
Molecular formula : C15H22O5
Molecular Weight: 282.34
Molecular Structure:
Specific rotation 76 ° (c = 0.5, MeOH)
Shelf life : 2 years
Content : 99.9%
Storage: cool, dry, dark environment preservation
Uses: This product is an efficient, quick acting antimalarial erythrocytic stage Plasmodium for vivax malaria and falciparum malaria, especially rescue cerebral malaria have good effect its cooling time and parasite clearance. time is short compared with chloroquine. chloroquine resistant Plasmodium, the FDA also effective.
Packing : 50KG / barrel
Price: 1600 yuan / kg