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Allyl alcohol

Allyl alcohol
  • Allyl alcohol
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CAS number: 107-18-6
Chinese alias: allyl alcohol, 2-propen-alcohol, propylene-[2]-alcohol-[1], allyl alcohol, 1-propene -3-alcohol, propylene glycol, 101-01 [6-3]
English name: Allyl alcohol
Category: pharmaceutical raw materials and intermediates
Molecular formula: C3H6O molecular weight: 58.0791 InChI:InChI=1/C3H6O/c1-3 (2) 4/h4H, 1H22H3 density: 0.824g/cm3 melting point:-129
Boiling point: 54.3 ° c at 760 mmHg water solubility: MISCIBLE properties: vapour density: 2 (vs air)
Vapour pressure: 23.8 mm Hg (25 c) solidification point:-129
Storage conditions: Flammables area WGK Germany:2 RTECS:BA5075000
Quality standards: the BP2004, USP28
Properties: colorless transparent liquid.
Product content: 99.9%
Use: propylene glycol is pharmaceuticals, intermediates for pesticides and spices
Packaging: 100 kilogram/barrel
Price: 11000 RMB/ton