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  • Dichloromethane
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CAS NO.: 75-09-2
Alias: binary dichloride, methylene chloride, methylene chloride, Methyl chloride
English name: Dichloromethane; Methylenechloride; Methylene dichloride
Standard number: 61552
EINECS accession number: 200-838-9
Content: 99.9%
Molecular formula: CH2Cl2; Appearance colourless volatile liquid. With ether-like smell
Molecular weight: 84.93
Boiling point: 39.4 deg c
Vapor pressure: 30.55kPa MPA (10 c)
Freezing point:-95.14
Relative density of 1.325
Water soluble: 20 g/l (20 c)
Autoignition temperature: 640 ℃.
Viscosity (20): 0.43mPa's.
Refractive index nD (20): 1.4244.
Critical temperature: 237.
Critical pressure: 6.0795MPa. Saturated vapour pressure (kPa): 30.55 (10)
Heat of combustion (kJ/mol): 604.9
Critical temperature (℃): 237
Critical pressure (MPa): 6.08
Octanol/water partition coefficient value of 1.25
Ignition temperature (℃): 615
Explosive limit% (v/v): 19
Lower explosion limit% (v/v): 12
Solubility: insoluble in water, soluble in alcohol.
Solubility soluble in water of about 50 times, soluble in phenol, aldehyde, ketone, glacial acetic acid, triethyl phosphate ester, ethyl acetoacetate, cyclohexylamine. And other chlorinated hydrocarbon solvents ethanol and n, n-dimethyl-formamide is miscible
Pyrolysis produces HCl and traces of phosgene, and water heating for a long time, generate formaldehyde and HCl. Further chlorination, CHCl3, CCl4. A colorless volatile liquid. Difficult to burn. Vapors form explosive mixtures with air, explosive limit 6.2%~15.0% (volume). formed methylene chloride with sodium hydroxide to formaldehyde.
Industry, methylene chloride reacts with chlorine gas produced by natural gas, after distillation to be purified, is an excellent solvent, and can be used as dental local, such as refrigerants and fire extinguishing agent. Irritation to the skin and mucous membranes slightly stronger than chloroform, should pay attention to when using a high concentration of dichloromethane.
Galvanized drums sealed packaging and storage packaging, train wagon cars can be transported. Should be stored in a cool dark, dry, well-ventilated place, pay attention to moisture.
Main use: used as a solvent in resins and plastics industry
Packaging: 100 kilogram/barrel
Price: 1200 RMB/ton