QB60 Peripheral Water Pump

QB60 Peripheral Water Pump

Product description:

◊ Application

For the correct functioning of the pump , use to pump clean water , or non- aggressive liquids only , without sand or other impurities, such as :

1. tank filling

2. household water

3. car wahsing

4. garden watering


1. Liquid temperature up to 60 °C

2. Ambient temperature up to 40 °C

3. Total suction lift up to 9m

4. Contious duty.



Pumo body: Cast Iron / Brass

Impeller : Brass / Stainless steel

Mechnical Seal : Carbon/ Cermaic

Front Cover : Cast Iron/ Stainless steel / Aluminum with Brass insrt


Singe Phase

Heavy Duty Contious Work

Insulation : Class B/ ClassF

Protection ; IP44/ IP54