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HOAOSTAR HID high-power electronic ballasts

HOAOSTAR HID high-power electronic ballasts
  • HOAOSTAR HID high-power electronic ballasts
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Other info: 220KG Green Purple Gold
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A functional overview

Oda Shenzhen-Hong Electronics Co., Ltd. to develop and produce high-pressure sodium, metal halide electronic ballasts, the use of advanced active power factor correction technology and MCU intelligent constant power control technology, it has excellent properties as follows:

※ Efficiency: efficiency up to 92% energy saving 15-40%;

※ extend lamp life: the lamp current crest ratio is less than 1.5, the lamp to extend the useful life of 2-3 times;

※ variety protection: short circuit, open circuit, overvoltage, undervoltage, lamp failure protection function;

※ quality and reliable: The product uses high-performance, long-life components, so that the product can be long-term stable and reliable operation;

※ widely applicable: be used for roads, stadiums, squares, shopping malls, halls, billboards, plant lighting, lighting;

※ simple: direct and lamp connection, without reprovision triggers and compensation capacitor;

※ Easy Installation: suitable for installation in the current lamps and lighting systems;

Two models and parameters

※ Model: HPS600W-1/2

※ Input voltage range: AC100 ~ 268V (rated voltage 220Vac)

※ Input Frequency: 50 / 60HZ

※ power factor (PFC):) 0.99

※ harmonic content: ≤10%

※ current crest ratio: ≤1.7

※ machine efficiency: ≥92% (220VAC)

※ Input Power: ≥620W

※ Output frequency: ≥30KHz

※ output lamp voltage: 90-130V

※ Three dimming: Output power adjustment range of 50%, 75%, 100%

※ machine overheat protection temperature threshold: 100 ℃

※ Insulation Resistance: Input - chassis ≥100MΩ

※ Pressure test: Input - cabinet (AC1500V / 10mA / 1 min)

※ MTBF: ≥30000h

※ Dimensions: 316mm * 112mm * 74 mm

※ Weight: 2.5 kg (within potting have increased thermal performance vinyl)

※ adaptation lamp type: HPS600W Osram, Philips, GE, Benjamin, Foshan.

Lamp voltage 90-130V, also applies to another part of metal halide lamp.