Precision inverter spot welder -JDIT-6

Precision inverter spot welder -JDIT-6

Product description:

  • Precision inverter spot welder -JDIT-6

    Name: Inverter precision spot welding -JDIT6KVA


    application: This welder is superior performance, suitable for welding thin pieces of metal with high thermal conductivity and fine artifacts.


    • IGBT inverter frequency is 5KHz welding energy can be precisely controlled, very suitable for welding thin pieces of metal with high thermal conductivity.
    • using amorphous core, welding transformer better performance.
    • welding process and welding specifications sheet computer using a closed-loop control, can easily achieve a variety of welding cycle.
    • Welding parameters set by the touch-button adjustment by the LCD display, man-machine interface highlights the trend of the times.
    • Unique electrode pressurizing means, electrical strongly regulate sensitive, with the mobility is high, especially for welding fine workpiece.

    • Precision inverter DC resistance welding, high frequency inverter, the current control more accurate, especially for copper, aluminum, nickel, molybdenum, tungsten, manganese, gold, silver and other non-ferrous and precious metals precision connectors, a wide range of applications In battery factory, electric light plant, automotive, medical equipment, optical communications plant, micro motor plant and customer requirements are relatively high temperature wire / Ultra-fine enameled wire (minimum can be achieved 0.02mm ) The post-chip inductors, coils, welding metal wire, nickel cup, Kovar wire welding. CCFL Welding aspect, fuses, filament welding and other welding requirements are relatively high electron factory.

    Technical Parameters:

    project Rated enter maximum Rated load Control accuracy weight electrode control method
    power power supply Short circuit current frequency Sustained rate the way
    KVA V A Hz % ms Kg Constant current
    JDIT-3A 3 220 1500 50/60 10 1 25 Double-sided single point
    JDIT-3B 3 220 1500 50/60 10 0.5 35 Sided single point
    JDIT-6A 6 220 3000 50/60 10 1 45 Double-sided single point
    JDIT-6B 6 220 3000 50/60 10 0.5 55 Sided single point

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