JX-0868 microcomputer frequency inverter spot welder pneumatic needle

JX-0868 microcomputer frequency inverter spot welder pneumatic needle

Product description:

  • JX-0868 microcomputer frequency inverter spot welder pneumatic needle

    name: JX-0868 microcomputer frequency inverter spot welder pneumatic needle

    model: JX-0868 microcomputer frequency inverter spot welder Zuta Needle / single needle

    JX-0868 microcomputer frequency inverter spot welder pneumatic needle / single needle


    Connection, nickel metal hydride and lithium wire guides, etc. between the battery and the nickel plate aluminum alloy nickel composite tape, appliance parts and wire welding, all kinds of high or low conductivity metals and alloys, metal parts, copper and silver products, Stainless steel cutlery peripheral accessories binding, electronic parts connected to the lamp foot welding, soldering buckle.


    This machine is designed for the latest high-end design of spot welding spot welding, is our long-standing technology crystallization, according to the principles currently the most advanced spot welding and design. Microcomputer SCM control and AC-DC inverter sticks, performance reached the top level of resistance welding products are the leading domestic counterparts level synchronization with foreign technology, can replace foreign products, such as Japan, SEIWA , AVIO , MIYACHI ,United States UNITEK Spot welding products.

    1 Advanced technology: we will continue with the international advanced AC-DC inverter technology improvement and innovation to achieve double-pulse welding, namely the pre-welding and continuous welding presoldered oxide removal, remove debris, reducing the spark; continuous weld joint cosmetics firm, no black, solder joints uniform size burr, does not affect the appearance of the product, the courage and the effect of imports Ping Mei.
    2 , Microcomputer control precision: over the long-term high-speed scanning micro welder input voltage, a power supply fluctuations, then the calculation of compensation data immediately change the welding energy to the welding does not occur due to voltage fluctuations or fried Weld fire phenomenon, to ensure consistent welding results every time and welding sparks small, negligible impact on the battery, almost nothing.
    3 Current output stability: As the machine uses microcomputer MCU control, current regulation refinement, ensure that the output current is stable and precise control welding unrestricted discharge time, every minute can be continuously 200 Several welding, and consistent welding results.
    4 , Operational settings simplify: the parameters of microcomputer technology, use LCD LCD, keyboard adjustment, accurate, intuitive and convenient.
    5 Adjust the easy to use: solder pin spacing, pressure independently adjustable, suitable for fine original welding, alignment accuracy, high yield.
    6 , Repairs rate, easy maintenance: Because most of the use of imported machine components, ensure that the failure rate is low, and the machine structure design, maintenance and simply replace an integrated circuit board, general mechanics can be replaced.
    7 , With automatic alarm and cut off the system: If welding is damaged, it will automatically display ' malfunction ' , And cut off the welding circuit to prevent the failure to expand and remind repair.
    8 Automatic counting: single daily output can automatically count 0000―9999 Facilitate the calculation of a single daily output.
    9 , Copper transformer: Unlike the market use aluminum transformer, which our welding transformer using copper transformers, electrical conductivity and better heat resistance, oxidation resistance stronger, more lasting.
    10, the machine according to customer needs, optional single-foot, two-foot or pneumatic, in the form of autonomy.

    Technical Parameters:

    1 ,power supply: AC220V ± 10% 50Hz ± 2Hz Barometric pressure : 3-4 (KG)
    2 , Maximum output power: 10KVA
    3 Pre-welding current 00―99; Welding time 00―30; Welding current: 00―99.
    4 Welding itinerary: 25MM Welding height freely adjustable, easy to operate.
    5 , Weight: 50KG
    6 With table Dimensions: 800L * 580W * 1100H
    7 Welding range: needle Welding: 0.03mm ―― 0.6mm Single for welding: 1mm Even thicker
    Instruction manual:
    1 Pulse state reflects the machine at work: the output waveform.
    2 ,wait . : When the welding current ( WI ) When adjusting downward, the display will appear ' wait .' Prompt, then wait for the whole state appears after a few seconds the program to restore settings working condition.
    3 Pre-welding current: ( BI ) Refers to the height of the first pulse, which set the size of 0―99 Typically Select 25 About the test machine, the size of the adjustment should be based on actual welding current welding may be, in general welding current, pre-welding current is correspondingly increased.
    4 , Welding time ( WT ): Refers to the width of the second pulse, the total duration of 1-30MS According to select specific welding effect welding time, usually choose 10-20MS.
    5 Welding current ( WI ): Refers to the height of the second pulse, which is set in the range of 0―99 Usually choose 25 About the test machine, the size of the adjustment should be based on actual welding effect.
    6 ,status ( STATE ): Vividly shows the photoelectric switch and touch open switch at work, off state: the left part of the display ' pneumatic ' When the foot switch operation, the right half of the photoelectric switch working state, when the welder in a discharged state, where two switches in ' closure ' status.
    7 Switch ( SWITCH ): Refers to switch the display state changes.
    8 , Clear ( CLEAR ): Press to count restore the initial state: '0000'.