Feet-lower arm welding machine stationary 25KVA

Feet-lower arm welding machine stationary 25KVA

Product description:

  • Feet-lower arm welding machine stationary 25KVA

    Name: feet-lower arm fixed spot welding machine 25KVA

    Specifications: JAX-25/35KVA

    Application: relatively small, relatively thin and the. Welding of iron, copper, aluminum. applied to all walks of life.

    Performance characteristics:

    Compact design, easy operation, easy to use, stable performance.
    1, the optimization of the welding transformer structure design, made from magnetic conductivity, low no-load losses, the power output strong, stable.
    2, integrated controller based on single-chip control system of welding, high-precision digital key input parameters, and is equipped with welding current, welding time, wave the first parameter controls, all parameters can be controlled at the rate of change of frequency, the controller box-plug design, embedded control board, easy installation and maintenance.
    3, primary circuit adopts imported integrated TRIAC control of welding, welding current output steady.
    4, designed for vertical compression of machine head, with the precision of the slider, flexible and reliable in delivery pressure, electrode displacement-free, flexible pressure structure and never worn contact switch, ensure the quality of welds.

    5, bottom arm stationary, welding smaller, lighter, more flexible, lower cost machines. Welding works as well.

    Technical parameters:
    Model Rated capacity Input voltage Frequency Arm length Electrode stroke Welding capacity Packing dimensions
    JA-25 25 380 50/60 460 50 2+2, ∮6+6 1050*450*1250
    JA-35 35 380 50/60 480 50 3+3, ∮8+8 1050*500*1300
    JA-50 50 380 50/60 480 50 3+4, ∮10+10 1150*500*1300
    JAX-25 25 380 50/60 300 25 2+2, ∮6+6 300*500*800
    JAX-35 35 380 50/60 300 35 3+3, ∮8+8 300*500*800

    Factory in the constant innovation in progress, in order to prevail in kind subject to change without prior notice.