JX-0858 microcomputer precision spot welder Zuta

JX-0858 microcomputer precision spot welder Zuta

Product description:

  • JX-0858 microcomputer precision spot welder Zuta

    Name: JX-0858 microcomputer precision spot welder Zuta

    Model: JX-0858 microcomputer precision Zuta type needle / single needle spot welder

    JX-0858 microcomputer precision pneumatic needle / single needle spot welder


    1 , Connection cable between the guides; 2, various types of rechargeable batteries and 0.03―0.6 Nickel plate connection; 3.0.03―0.6 Nickel plate or nickel belt connection with metal sheets (some even up to 1mm thick) 4 , Appliance parts and wire welding;5 , All kinds of high or low conductivity metals and alloys;6 ,Hardware Accessories;7 , Copper-based and aluminum-based products;8 Stainless steel cutlery peripheral accessories binding;9 , Electronic components connected;10 The lamp foot welding;11 Table buckles welding.

    working principle:
    The machine uses the principle of double-sided double-point overcurrent welding, work two electrode pressure workpiece so that two layers of metal a certain contact resistance at the poles of pressure, welding current flows through an electrode from another electrode in two contacting forming a thermally fused resistor instant, without damaging the internal structure of welders member.
    The machine is a precision foot-AC pulse spot welding, precision pneumatic AC pulse spot welder.
    Solder pin can be divided into single-sided welding needle, needle-sided welding.
    1, appearance lightweight, welding firm, low failure rate, easy to operate.
    2, welding traces of beautiful, small spark, no black, the battery will not appear depressed after spot welding, fluid flow phenomena, completely overcome lithium battery spot welding low pressure and water phenomenon appears, is your ideal device for the production of the battery.
    3, the use of a wide range, except for battery welding, but also for a wide range of hardware products, welding, welding materials, a wide range of samples can be modified according to the special requirements, simple operation, and flexible.
    4, the control circuit imported from Japan triac discharge pulse circuits and digital program control circuit to set the parameters of digital, so intuitive and accurate parameter adjustment. Using in-line maintenance circuit board, long service life.
    5, the pressure welding needle and two needle distance can be adjusted independently, and easy to adjust, to ensure the welding pressure is stable and reliable.

    6, welding switch is the only use of photoelectric switches. Welding current DIP switch can be set.

    Technical Parameters:
    1 Input voltage: AC220V ± 10% 50Hz ± 2Hz ​​pressure : 3-4 (KG)
    2 ,rated power: 10KVA
    3 Welding current: 0―99
    4 The electrode trip: 20
    5 Control mode: double pulse
    6 ,Total Weight: 50KG
    7 ,Dimensions: L800 * W580 * H1100 (�)
    8. Welding range: Welding range: Welding needle: 0.03mm ―― 0.6mm Single for welding: 1mm Even thicker.