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Multi-cylinder spot welding - three spot welder

Multi-cylinder spot welding - three spot welder
  • Multi-cylinder spot welding - three spot welder
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  • Multi-cylinder spot welding - three spot welder

    Name: Pneumatic three-point welder 100KVA

    Model: JD-60/80/100/150 / 200KVA

    According to welding products required, can be made of various lengths given arm length.

    This machine is equivalent to three single-head Pneumatic spot welder effect, but the cost of the machine to offer a lot off than the gantry.

    application: Mainly for low-carbon steel, stainless steel and non-ferrous metals welded parts.

    All use, racks, barbecue, built with, work with film, frame and other self-welding.


    1. Direct pressure mechanism, good follow performance, welding speed
    Solenoid valve Japan Kuroda, fast response, good quality, and the electromagnetic valve cylinder connected directly to accelerate action reaction speed, can reduce the loss of air flow.
    2. Long service life, low noise
    Strengthen the solid steel body, with shock, anti-vibration, stable welding, machining fine, compact, cylinder running smoothly, improve service life and reduce noise.
    3. Security, easy to use
    High-performance air system filter cup with a shield to prevent flying debris when broken glass, also suffered collision protection from external shocks. Cup and cover removable, easy maintenance.
    4. Forced cooling using water-saving way
    By circulating cooling water, avoiding water waste, a significant reduction of cooling water. Longer working hours.
    5. Simple and practical upper insulation
    Using the upper secondary conductor insulation way to avoid the adhesion of iron or lower seat when welding tooling installation site is easy to produce insulation short-circuit accident.
    6. Main circuit using high-power SCR non-contact switch
    Main circuit water-cooled high-power thyristors, power output strong, stable, reliable, long life.
    7. High conductivity, low power consumption , Automatic temperature protection.
    Secondary current loop, the main transformer output last stage multi-layer high toughness, high conductivity copper soft belt and V-shaped connector; a substantial increase in service life, the next stage output with integrated directly connected institutions, power loss reduction to a minimum.

    Main transformer is equipped with temperature control system, circulating water temperature is too high, the machine will automatically power off, temperature normal, will automatically power.

    Technical Parameters:

    Rated Rated Rated The maximum short-circuit current load Arm extension Maximum pressure force electrode cool down weight Welding capacity (two stitch welding)
    model capacity Voltage frequency Sustained rate size stroke Water
    Low-carbon steel Galvanized sheet
    KVA V HZ A % mm N mm L / min KG mm mm
    D (T) N-50 50 380 50/60 22000 25 600 6100 50 / 310 3.0+3.0 2.5+2.5
    60 60 380 50/60 23000 25 600 6100 50 8 340 3.5+3.5 3.0+3.0
    D (T) N-80 75 380 50/60 25000 25 600 6100 50 12 380 4.0+4.0 3.5+3.5
    D (T) N-100 100 380 50/60 27000 25 600 6100 50 12 400 4.5+4.5 4.0+4.0
    D (T) N-150 150 380 50/60 29000 25 600 10000 50 12 680 5.0+5.0 4.5+4.5
    D (T) N-200 200 380 50/60 32000 25 600 10000 50 12 720 6.0+6.0 5.0+5.0