IF spot welder 80KVA Inverter

IF spot welder 80KVA Inverter

Product description:

  • IF spot welder 80KVA Inverter

    Title: IF spot welder 80KVA


    application : Suitable for welding highly conductive metal, such as welding aluminum, copper and thicker workpieces, capturing the copper, aluminum and other dissimilar metal welding problems, widely used in aerospace, automotive, refrigeration, compressors, electrical and other specialty areas Welding

    IF DC inverter welder (MFDC) is the frequency (50Hz) AC is converted to an intermediate frequency (1000Hz) DC output, improve time resolution than the frequency control accuracy also increased, and the output current is not affected by changes in the secondary output circuit , high thermal efficiency, output power is large, the welding quality is better compared to conventional AC welder inverter DC welding IF will be efficient, energy-saving and one is a very broad prospects for development of energy-saving products, is the resistance welding field A technological revolution breakthrough.
    1. Secondary current flowing through the welding circuit is DC, due to the influence of the secondary circuit therefore different welding work depth immersion depth generated in the inductance of the welding current is greatly reduced.
    2, three phase load, reducing the power supply system power requirements, power factor close to 1, non-inductive component, no need to adjust the power factor.
    3, the elimination of pollution of the power supply is green welding, does not have to provide a separate power supply and robotic welding equipment can control system together.
    4, reducing power consumption, saving energy, but also reducing the need and cost of cable and high maintenance costs.
    5, the quality of the welding transformer greatly reduced, light fast, only AC adapter quality and volume of 1/3, suitable for robotic welding systems.
    6, to improve the efficiency of the heat input welding transformer output DC voltage, no inductor annoyance, pure zero DC never had shortcomings, greatly improving the efficiency of heat
    7, intelligent digital closed-loop control, welding control current is more accurate to adjust the precision and accuracy of monitoring 20 times higher than AC systems may inverter and transformer protection.
    8, increase the stability of the welding process, the DC welding process of friendship, can be adapted to a wide range of welding parameters, the secondary current can really kept constant, the exchange must have prospects than the more widely used.
    9, the digital control to further improve current control and measurement accuracy, precision welding time in milliseconds, you can control any welding time.
    Second, the main technical parameters:
    project Rated Input Power Maximum short Maximum welding current maximum Arm extension electrode cool down Welding capacity
    power Electric current When the duty cycle Plus pressure size stroke Water (Aluminum two stitch welding)
    KVA AC / V KA % N mm mm L / min mm
    JDIT-80 80 3φ 380 15 10 6000 500X250 60 5 2.0+2.0
    JDIT-150 150 3φ 380 30 10 10000 500X200 80 8 3.0+3.0
    JDIT-200 200 3φ 380 45 10 10000 500X300 80 10 4.0+4.0
    JDIT-300 300 3φ 380 60 10 10000 500X300 80 10 5.0+5.0