Seam welding machine-welding seam welding machine

Seam welding machine-welding seam welding machine

Product description:

  • Seam welding machine-welding seam welding machine

    Name: CO2/welding circular seam welding machine

    Performance description:
    1, accurate mechanical quick clamp workpiece clamping and will quickly find welding Center of rotation;
    2, Pneumatic clamping, quick and easy;
    3, stable welding quality, weld appearance;
    4, Steplessly adjustable welding speed, operation is simple and convenient, stable and reliable performance, sets, electric, and pneumatic control in one;
    5, suitable for stainless steel, carbon steel workpiece welding of girth weld;
    6, according to the material of the workpiece a MIG or TIG, welding power source such as CO2;
    Widely used in the automotive, motorcycle, hardware, home appliances, thin-walled vessels and other metal manufacturing industries.

    Technical parameters:



    H-W2/ W3

    Motor power


    Input power

    AC220V, 50HZ

    Control configuration

    Routine control of DC motor, stepless adjustment

    Imported PLC control, stepless speed regulation of DC motor

    Maximum pressure kgs


    Spindle speed RPM



    Maximum diameter mm

    Φ350 Φ500

    Maximum length mm

    400 1200

    Welding thickness mm