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Air compressor plug welding machine-automobile feeding spot 60KVA

Air compressor plug welding machine-automobile feeding spot 60KVA
  • Air compressor plug welding machine-automobile feeding spot 60KVA
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  • Air compressor plug welding machine-automobile feeding spot 60KVA
  • Air compressor plug welding machine-automobile feeding special welding machine 60KVA

    Name: automotive plugs with automatic feed on special welding machine 60KVA600L
    Model: JD-60/80/100/150/200KVA

    According to welding, can be made into a variety of length of arm's length.

    This kind of machine is empty pressure spot welding machine with vibration plate, with the welding fixture for automatic feeding, automatic welding machine to achieve automation, timesaving, efficient and high quality.

    Application: Mainly for mild steel, stainless steel and some welding of non-ferrous metals, and can realize the Board and Board, panels and projection welding nut, Stud Welding welding. Auto, home appliance manufacture, parts welded metal cabinet.

    Performance characteristics:

    1. Direct pressure mechanism, with good dynamic performance, high welding speed
    Solenoid valve with Japan Kuroda, quick, good quality, and the solenoid valve and the cylinder directly connected, accelerate response speed, can reduce the loss of air flow.
    2. long service life, low noise
    Strengthen the solid steel structure of the fuselage, shock, vibration, stability of welding, machining precision, compact, air cylinder run smoothly, increase the service life and reduce noise.
    3. safe and easy to use
    High-performance pneumatic system filter glasses with side shields to prevent glass breakage of pieces when flying, protecting from external impact of the collision. Cups and shields can be loading and unloading, maintenance easy.
    4. Using water-forced cooling
    Circulating cooling water and avoid water waste, substantially reduce the amount of cooling water. Extension of working hours.
    5. Upper insulation is simple and practical
    Upper secondary conductor insulation mode to avoid iron attached to or installed welding equipment easily under insulated parts of the short circuit accident.
    6. Main circuit with high power SCR switch
    Primary loop using a water cooled high power thyristor output power is strong, stable, reliable operation, long service life.
    7. High conductivity and low power loss , High temperature protection.
    Secondary current circuit, transformer secondary output using toughness, high conductivity copper soft belt and v-type connection; Increased service life, next-level output with integrated direct-attached agencies, power loss to a minimum.

    Transformers equipped with temperature control systems, circulating water temperature is too high, the machine will automatically power off, normal temperature, it will automatically power on.

    Technical parameters:

    Work unit
    Rated Rated Rated Maximum short circuit current Load Arm extension Maximum pressure Electrode Cooling Weight Welding capacity (two stitch welding)
    Models Capacity Voltage Frequency Sustained rate of Dimensions Travel Water
    Low carbon steel Galvanized sheet
    KVA V HZ A % mm N mm L/ min KG mm mm
    D (T) N-50 50 380 50/60 22000 25 600 6100 50 / 310 3.0+3.0 2.5+2.5
    60 60 380 50/60 23000 25 600 6100 50 8 340 3.5+3.5 3.0+3.0
    D (T) N-80 75 380 50/60 25000 25 600 6100 50 12 380 4.0+4.0 3.5+3.5
    D (T) N-100 100 380 50/60 27000 25 600 6100 50 12 400 4.5+4.5 4.0+4.0
    D (T) N-150 150 380 50/60 29000 25 600 10000 50 12 680 5.0+5.0 4.5+4.5
    D (T) N-200 200 380 50/60 32000 25 600 10000 50 12 720 6.0+6.0 5.0+5.0