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Zuta Spot Welder - Beak formula 35KVA

Zuta Spot Welder - Beak formula 35KVA
  • Zuta Spot Welder - Beak formula 35KVA
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  • Zuta Spot Welder - Beak formula 35KVA

    Name: Zuta formula beak-type spot welder 35KVA

    Specifications: JAN-35KVA

    Applications: Welding work relatively large, high and wide as stroke, can be welded iron, copper, aluminum, used in various industries.


    Compact design, easy to operate, easy to use, stable performance.
    1, welding transformer using the most optimized structure design, made of high magnetic permeability material, low no-load loss, power output strong and stable.
    2, the weld controller SCM integrated control system, consisting of high-precision digital key input parameters, and a welding current, welding time, wave top parameter control, the parameters can be controlled in a number of cycles, controller box pluggable design, but also the control panel embedded, easy installation and maintenance.
    3, welding imported integrated primary circuit triac control, ensure the welding current output steady.

    4, head designed for vertical pressure form, with the precision of the slider, so flexible and reliable delivery pressure, electrode no shift phenomenon, flexible structure and the regulator never wear contact switch, can guarantee weldments quality.

    5, left and right arm under the lower electrode can be adjusted for special jobs can play a role in avoiding bit.

    Technical Parameters:
    model Rated Capacity Input voltage frequency Arm length Electrode stroke Welding capacity Packing size
    JA-25 25 380 50/60 460 50 2+2, ∮6+6 1050*450*1250
    JA-35 35 380 50/60 480 50 3+3, ∮8+8 1050*500*1300
    JA-50 50 380 50/60 480 50 3+4, ∮10+10 1150*500*1300
    J AX-25 25 380 50/60 300 25 2+2, ∮6+6 300*500*800
    J AX-35 35 380 50/60 300 35 3+3, ∮8+8 300*500*800

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