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Straightening and Cutting Machine - customized non-standard linear machine

Straightening and Cutting Machine - customized non-standard linear machine
  • Straightening and Cutting Machine - customized non-standard linear machine
Product code: 20797800001
Unit price: 4000-4500 CNY
Reference price: 581.03-653.66 USD
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  • Straightening and Cutting Machine - customized non-standard linear machine

    Name: customized non-standard linear machine / screw feed line machine / punch feed line machine

    Guests can request a variety of custom linear machine straightening effect, can also be induced to send line based on automatic lathes or automatic punch.

    Model: JZ1-2.5MM / JZ2-5MM / JZ5-9MM / JZ9-12MM / JZ12-16MM

    Suitable for wire straightening steel wire, stainless steel wire, wire, copper wire, steel wire and other strong, high hardness of non-ferrous metal lines. Disconnection This machine is one of the main production facilities metal, wire industry.
    special point:
    1. The line speed is high (yield) higher rate per minute to straighten up: more than twenty meters.
    2. reasonable structure, high precision, beautiful appearance, low noise.
    3. The machine has a back line function, can avoid the process of commissioning a waste of wire.
    4. mechanical production, material well; reasonable processing, heat treatment process, long life:
    1) Cutter using carbide inserts, durable; sending wire wheel, straight wheels, made of high quality alloy tool steel and heat treatment hardness up: HRC58-62 tip cavity carburizing treatment, the wear-resistant. good performance and long service life.
    2) The key parts of the casting (eg: Straightening shafts, cutter slider, eccentric, etc.), the use of ductile iron QT600 ductile iron or wear; and heat treatment.
    3) Shafts using 40Cr or 45 steel, and after quenching (HB250-280), high integration capability.
    4) Tooth ,chain All wheel with 45 # steel or 40Cr forged blanks, and after quenching and high tooth surface (in) frequency quenching, its integrated high performance machine, good wear resistance.

    Note: We offer three straight blocks of material for users to choose: a carbide straight blocks (YG8); b cast iron straightening block; c plastic king straightening block; the user can adjust the type of linear material according to... material, hardness with two sets of random selection.

    Technical Parameters:
    model Straight line path The maximum length Wire feed speed Motor Power
    MM MM M / MIN KW
    JZ1-2.5 1-2.5 1000 15-20 0.55+0.55
    JZ2-5 2-5.0 2000 16-22 0.55+1.5
    JZ5-9 5-9.0 2000 16-22 1.5+5.5
    JZ9-12 9-12.0 2000 16-25 2.2+7.5
    JZ12-16 12-16.0 2000 16-25 3+11