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Trimmer -1-5MM small trimmer

Trimmer -1-5MM small trimmer
  • Trimmer -1-5MM small trimmer
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  • Trimmer -1-5MM small trimmer

    Name: trimmer

    Model: 1-5MM trimmer / 2-8MM trimmer




    flat edge trimmer

    With the use of the machine
    The machine is mainly used for wire metal mesh surrounding trim, trim trimming diameter φ1-φ5, trimming mesh size limitation, can be done to assist through the auxiliary tooling, fast cutting speed, port smooth and easy operation.
    Basic parameters
    Machine Model: QB-6
    Motor power: 1.5KW
    Motor speed: 1470 r / min
    Maximum cutting diameter: φ5
    Cutting speed: 8 m -10 m / min
    Host Size: 520x501x1049 (length x width x height)
    Weight: 120kg
    Structural performance of the machine
    The machine consists of frame, transmission components, eccentric mechanism, headstock, cutter assemblies, control unit, six part composition.
    Transmission component consists of: a 1.5KW AC motor, pulleys, belts consisting of its high-speed rotating flywheel flywheel motor drive through triangle belt so eccentric mechanism in a limited range of motion.
    Eccentric mechanical By: eccentric shaft, bearings, bearing gland, spindle, master suite, consisting of bronze slider obtain its eccentric shaft is rotated by the drive assembly, while the rotating brass slider moved up and down through eccentric shaft to cut. knife spindle up and down within a limited range of motion, its spindle 40Cr quenching, toughness, impact resistance, and can meet the cutting requirements of its slider prevents the use of tin bronze main spindle and cutter wear, long-term use after a period of time, the need to replace this member.
    Headstock By: ductile iron main box, box cover, guiding pots, oil bushings, closures, seals part of this component is the core part of the machine, other agencies are installed on this box, the before use. Note to lubricating oil to the oil standard cabinets standard scale, effectively ensure good lubrication of the spindle and the slider, extending its life.
    Cutter assembly consists of: tool holder spindle, tool holder, the knife, under the knife, the knife spacing seat, knife block guide posts, guide block knife holder, knife blocks knife spindle guide sleeve is composed of 45 # steel tone. quality treatment, the use of precision cylindrical grinding, effective guarantee and cabinet with upper and lower cutter are made of high-speed cutting steel, through vacuum treatment, has sufficient hardness, toughness, impact resistance. In use to adjust knife gap .