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Welder - welder 25KVA Zuta formula

Welder - welder 25KVA Zuta formula
  • Welder - welder 25KVA Zuta formula
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  • Welder - welder 25KVA Zuta formula

    Name: Zuta type of welder 25KVA

    Model: JB-25KVA / 35KVA


    Compact design, easy to operate, easy to use, stable performance, welding speed.
    1, welding transformer using the most optimized structure design, made of high magnetic permeability material, low no-load loss, power output strong, stable second pole coil whole copper, guaranteed to work efficiently for a long time.
    2, the weld controller SCM integrated control system, consisting of high-precision digital key input parameters, and a welding current, welding time parameter control, the parameters can be controlled in a number of cycles, controller box pluggable type design, but also the embedded control panel for easy installation and maintenance. to choose from.
    3, welding imported integrated primary circuit triac control, ensure the welding current output steady.
    4. When welding horizontal butt and flattened from top to bottom at the same time, improve work efficiency. And the weld appearance is more humane.

    Our constant innovation in progress, subject to change in order to prevail in kind, without notice.

    Technical Parameters
    model Rated Capacity Input voltage frequency Welding capacity
    JB-25 25 380 50/60 ∮6+∮6
    JB-35 35 380 50/60 ∮8+∮8