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Welder - Pneumatic welder 80KVA

Welder - Pneumatic welder 80KVA
  • Welder - Pneumatic welder 80KVA
Product code: 20795800001
Unit price: 45000-48000 CNY
Reference price: 6540.51-6976.55 USD
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  • Welder - Pneumatic welder 80KVA

    Name: Pneumatic gas to push oil welder 80KVA

    Model: JES-80KVA / 100KVA

    1. Using the new control box
    It can realize the welding process clamping, welding, forging, maintenance, and other parameters were analyzed repose adjustment control, the equipment is simple, easy to grasp.
    2. Using pneumatic lever-type pressurized
    With greater clamping force, ensure that the workpiece does not slip upset welding, welding performance is more stable;
    Upset mobile dual carriage guide rail, high accuracy, wear resistance, stable and smooth movement, to ensure the consistency of the workpiece butt interface.
    3. Forming good
    Resistance welding process is simple, small amount of shortening weldment, glitches less conducive to the simplified procedure.
    4. extensive use
    Suitable for welding low carbon steel wire, copper, brass, stainless steel, aluminum and other metals also can be customized according to a more powerful machine wire size.
    5. Good timber
    Main transformer high-conductivity magnet material, the secondary winding for the whole copper. Ensure stable welding current, strong electromagnetic valve used in Germany DKC or Japan Kuroda, fast response, and durability.
    6. Adjustable cylinder
    Promote cylinder using adjustable, can pitch with the product and the size of thrust control, the welding strength is more sophisticated, more stable welding effect.