Welder - band saw blade welding machine 12KVA

Welder - band saw blade welding machine 12KVA

Product description:

  • Welder - band saw blade welding machine 12KVA

    Name : UNB band saw blade welding machine UNB band saw blade Welding Machine

    Model : UNB12 / 50


    Band saw blade welding machine is full plate welding machine, flash butt welding method is particularly suitable for the woodworking band saw blade welding, as well as other industries with similar specifications, such as saw blades : knife cut cloth, steel, metal and sawing metal band saw blade welding, the machine is easy to operate safe, improve work efficiency ( Case woodworking band saw blade than traditional manual welding to improve efficiency 80 times ) advantages, is all kinds of wood processing enterprises, wood-based building materials industry workshop to prepare shoe factories, industrial and mining enterprises garment factories, knitting and metal band saw equipment necessary equipment.
    product number Rated capacity KVA Input voltage V Rated duty cycle % Secondary voltage regulator series Welding maximum width MM Welding thickness range MM Dimensions MM Weight KG
    UNB-12 12 380 20 8 50 0.4-1.2 500*500*1000 55
    UNB-50 50 380 20 8 150 0.4-1.5 850*600*1200 350