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Battery dedicated spot welding nickel plate

Battery dedicated spot welding nickel plate
  • Battery dedicated spot welding nickel plate
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Unit price: 12000-15000 CNY
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Other info: 13500KG
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table of Contents

First, use

Second, the main technical data

Third, the rules

Fourth, the main fault and repair

Five drawings

First, use

The machine uses a storage capacitor discharge welding, pulse welding machine with relatively small impact on the grid and can be welded advantages difficult to weld metals copper, aluminum, etc., this machine uses SCR for non-contact switch, long life, no noise, having reasonable structure, easy to use, easy maintenance, beautiful appearance and so on.

Reed relay contacts suitable for a variety of welding and metal sheet material, silk material of welding, for components factory, relays plant and equipment requiring small spot welding units.

Second, the main technical data

1, the main technical specifications:

(1) The maximum 500 joules of energy storage

(2) storage capacitor of about 5000uF

(3) charging voltage range of 80V-380V

(4) Electrode stroke: transferred to 15mm

(5) the minimum duty cycle of 2 seconds

(6) the welding current passing time is about 1-2ms

(7) welding ability

Stainless steel parts (1Cr18Ni9Ti) 0.6mm + 0.6mm

Brass (H62) 0.4 + 0.4mm

Aluminum (LY2) 0.4 + 0.4mm

2, Power:

3N50Hz 380V / 220V (where the black line is zero line)

3, Power consumption: less than 1.5 kilowatts

4. Dimensions:

Length, width, height 970 * 570 * 1160 (mm)

5, Weight: about 130Kg (Weight)

Third, the rules

1, prior to use to prepare:

(1) out of the box, remove rust oil, remove dust.

(2) ground stud welding machine connected to the plant grounding network.

(3) power, lighting switch in the 'off' position, welding switch is set to 'bleed' spin voltage adjustment potentiometer to the minimum (counterclockwise to the end)

(4) The equipment connected to the power supply properly (Note: Do not zero line connected to the phase line).

2, the operating rules:

(1) Turn 'Power' switch, when the indicator light.

(2) welding switch from the 'bleed' and hit the 'welding', should be some indication on voltmeter, clockwise adjustment 'voltage' knob, the charging voltage increases, if you want to reduce the charging voltage can be 'switch' by the ' Welding 'hit the' relief 'will' voltage 'small knob counterclockwise tune until the voltage drops below the required voltage table pointer, then hit the switch welding' welding 'readjust' voltage 'knob to the desired voltage.

(3) the workpiece placed between two electrodes, depress the pedal trial welding.

3 security measures:

(1) cut off the power supply after use 'welding' switch must hit 'bleed' position.

(2) must be true after the capacitor is not charged, in order to open the case for repairs.



the reason



Power supply light is off, the fan does not turn

No power

Check the power cord, power plug, fuses, outside the line supply


No charge, no indication voltmeter

1, the control boards 20 pin socket is bad

2, voltmeter damage

3, K2 welding / discharge is turned on

4, check for damage control fuse

5, unijunction damage

6, D1 Zener diode bad

1, seated plugs and sockets

2. Replace the voltmeter

3, pull the switch in the welding position or replace K2

4. Replace the fuse

5. Replace unijunction

6, replace Zener diode


Voltmeter instructions from potentiometer control

1, BG3 of transistor damage

2, W1 potentiometer bad

1, the replacement BG3

2, replace W1


Can not discharge welding

1, KW does not contact good

2, J contactor damage

1, adjustable foot lever even jog reed switch

2. Replace


Welding not have a side is not strong

1, the energy is too small

2, fixtures injustice, poor fit

1, increase the charging voltage (see voltmeter)

2, increase the electrode applied pressure, appropriate upward adjustment screw cover (upper set screw in the foot link)


Welding fire bombing

1, the workpiece surface burrs

2, the welding pressure is too small

3, welding voltage is too high

1, the workpiece deburring electrode with a thin gauze veil smooth, welders member should be smooth, snapping void

2, adjust the pressure to be welders

3, lower voltage


After long-term use, the welding current drops

1, each of the upper and lower joints electrode corrosion, increased contact resistance

2, the welding transformer DC magnetization

1, the upper and lower electrodes including welding transformer secondary clean the connectors apart (with gauze and paper) retighten, with close

2, regularly swap welding transformer primary two heads

Five drawings

Neutral: Black

FireWire: A phase

FireWire: B phase


Please be consistent with plug socket connection!