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Lighting special circular motion machine

Lighting special circular motion machine
  • Lighting special circular motion machine
  • Lighting special circular motion machine
  • Lighting special circular motion machine
Product code: 20794700001
Unit price: 20000-23000 CNY
Reference price: 2911.68-3348.43 USD
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Daquan technical parameters Technical Parameters

Names of Machines Models Line Width Range (mm) Circle Diameter Range Speed ​​(m / min) Total Power (kw) L * W * H L * W * H (mm) Weight (kg)

Hydraulic automatic circular motion machine Hydraulic Full-automatic Circle Machin JQ2-6mmφ2-6φ35-80016-251.51500*850*1300350



For steel wire, wire, stainless steel wire non-ferrous metal wire (round wire, square wire, flat wire) rolling, semi-circular, or at any angle (concentric angle) of the arc, this machine is one of the special equipment metal, wire industry .
※ This machine is the latest design models in 2002, brings together the essence of Japan, Taiwan and domestic products, compact structure, reasonable, small size, low noise, beautiful appearance.
※ The machine has a back line function when debugging retreat line recoiling circle, much to avoid the waste of wire.
※ advanced, stable, fast, accurate, low power, high degree of automation, easy to operate.
1, the hydraulic drive, hydraulic push off, hydraulic parts: motor oil remaining Denmark hydraulic components are used in Taiwan electrical parts.
More than 90% of imported electrical components. The key parts adopt Switzerland, Japanese production of rolling bearings.
2, programmable digital display (Japan encoder, preset counter controller): fixed length (Circle Drive perimeter), and high accuracy.
3, the control box: Fast delivery line, slow delivery line, cut, automatic, manual, back lines, full-featured, easy to operate.
4, taken Sec count control, may at any time modify the settings, stop, slow distance control optimization, the wire length (perimeter) control of high precision and high efficiency.
5, the number of control override decimal point, display length unit mm (millimeters), counting precision 0.1mm, data can be visualized, operation, easy to control.
6, line speed up to 30-35 m / min, compared with similar models yield more than 15%.
7, due to all-hydraulic drive and hydraulic cutting, the machine just use a 2.2KW motor, motor-driven oil feeding line, compared with the same type of machine, save power more than 30%.
8, electro-hydraulic control with automatic unloading, transfer machine, and when no operation, the hydraulic pressure is automatically dismounted, greatly reducing energy consumption, reducing pressure on the hydraulic assembly time, help to prolong its life.
※ materials used sophisticated, reasonable process, heat treatment process, zero, high part mechanical properties, wear resistance, and its long life:
Sending wire wheel, straight tone wheels, forming wheels made of high quality steel and vacuum heat treatment, hardness up to HRC58-62, its high abrasion resistance and long service life. Shafts used in all 40Cr, 45 # steel, and after quenching quality treatment, and its high mechanical properties, the gear is used in all 40Cr, 45 # steel forging stock, after quenching with high-frequency hardening, hardness up to HRC52-55.