Outside pumping vacuum packing machine

Outside pumping vacuum packing machine

Product description:

Outside the vacuum packaging machine, also known outside pumping vacuum packing machine and outside pumping vacuum sealing machine is suitable for all kinds of plastic film bags, composite film bags, aluminum foil bags of vacuum-packed. On a variety of meat products, poultry products, pickles a variety of solid products, seafood, garlic products, wild vegetables, food, medicine, biological products, electronic components, etc., powder, semi-fluid vacuum packaging, to oxygen barrier and preservation extended shelf life, improve product quality.
Configuration features:
DZ1100 outside pumping vacuum packing machine series: studio vertically, using imported ABS brake control, smooth, accurate positioning; import tracks, double pitch chains, imported electrical control, water heating, stable and reliable; optional imported vacuum pump, vacuum effect is good, long life;
DZ1000 outside pumping vacuum packing machine series: cone brake motors, domestic belt, can be configured to import electrical appliances, imported pumps, affordable.
work process:
→ vacuum degassing packaging into electric sealing → → → studio deflation rise → Send

Technical Parameters:

Machine weight: 780Kg
Power: 380V 50HZ three-phase four-wire
Average power consumption: 5.8KW
Vacuum chamber size: 1250 * 550 * 110mm
Effective sealing Size: 1000 / 1100X10 (8)
Ergonomics (times / hour) 240 to 360
Dimensions: 1620 * 1890 * 1500mm

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