Cassette vacuum packaging machine

Cassette vacuum packaging machine

Product description:

Cassette vacuum packaging machine is my company to meet the increasing domestic and international customer packaging requirements and developed continuously cartridge ( inflatable) packaging machine, the molded box for continuous vacuum (inflatable ), cutting jobs, is a completely replace imported products cassette packaging equipment, can be used as bacon vacuum machine, vacuum compression sealing machine
For a variety of food, meat, seafood, fruits and vegetables, pickles, meat, medicine products, metal components, medical equipment and other vacuum, inflatable, skin packaging .
Automatic vacuum packaging machine prices, please consult Mikawa machinery.

Technical Parameters:

Vacuum chamber size : 430 * 300 * 130mm
Die size : 420 * 290 * 50mm
Dimensions : 1590 * 660 * 1560mm
Packaging capacity: 3-5 times / min
Vacuum degree : 0.5Mbar
Power : 380V / 50HZ 7.5Kw
Weight : 380kg
External gas source (not included) Pressure : ≥0.6Mpa
Note : Optional optical tracking and nitrogen function

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