Vertical Vacuum Packaging Machine

Vertical Vacuum Packaging Machine

Product description:

Vertical upright vacuum packing machine Sealing, large vacuum chamber, open type transparent vacuum cover, shell and all-stainless steel vacuum chamber, designed for large bags of vacuum packaging machine powder, liquid or Bulk objects. You can already installed article plastic bags into the outer barrel, cardboard boxes, packed together into a vacuum chamber, and is suitable for the packaging of liquid can not be poured, sauces and other items of packaging suitable for chemical, food, electronics and other industries use large vacuum packaging machine.

Technical Parameters:

Power / Power : 380V / 50Hz 2.2KW
Sealing length : 500 * 10mm ( special specifications can be customized )
Vacuum chamber size : 520 * 520 * 900mm
Dimensions : 1200 * 1300mm
Weight : 180Kg

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