150 milk sterilizing machine

150 milk sterilizing machine

Product description:

Milk pasteurization machine Also known as milk pasteurization machine, sterilization machine yogurt, pasteurized milk sterilization machine, it pasteurized milk machine, milk bar pasteurization machine, milk bar pasteurizing equipment apparatus main body are made of high quality stainless steel. Sterilization equipment sterilization time 5-40 minutes adjustable; adjustable sterilization temperature 50-99 degrees Celsius and the water tank with automatic temperature control device sterilization facilities added insulation and a temperature compensation device, effectively ensuring the inside temperature of the balance, guaranteed. bactericidal effect. Milk pasteurization machine price of high-quality stainless steel manufacturing, sterilization of milk tank can control the water temperature is between 65 ° ~ 90 °, both play a bactericidal effect, but also ensures that the protein and other nutrients not within the wide temperature range of fluctuation and change, keeping the original quality of milk, flavor, color, etc., to food without any preservatives, is conducive to the health of consumers. Yogurt pasteurization machine adopts high quality SUS304 stainless steel, sterilization temperature, speed can be set according to process requirements. Yogurt pasteurization machine has a bactericidal effect, low noise, speed adjustable durable, safe and reliable, automatic temperature control, easy maintenance features, our company produces pasteurized yogurt Machine pasteurization machine body composition: the water cycle the water cycle cans and milk cans tank divided into two layers, the upper water beneath the hot water, refrigeration compressor cooling by water circulating through the circulating pump milk out of the water tank is divided into three layers, the outermost. layer insulation layer, an intermediate layer of hot water sterilization, the inner layer is milk working process: water temperature and the temperature of milk is set up, the water temperature exceeds the set temperature circulating pump cycle sterilization layer into cold water to reduce the temperature, the water temperature is too low milk sterilization machine cycle Pump into the water, raise the water temperature, so the water temperature is always maintained at the set temperature. above the milk tank with a stirring device, stirring milk so that the milk is heated evenly by stirring device.

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The diameter of the barrel body




The whole machine high degree of

When the sterilization room

Sterilization temperature

Refrigeration compressor power

Heat source






100kg / second


1.5 mm


10-30min (adjustable)

65-99 degrees (adjustable)



25 to 35 minutes





150kg / second


150 Automatic


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