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Pasteurization machine, also known as Pasteurization line , Pasteurization line , Low-temperature sterilization machine . Pasteurization The principle is that in a certain temperature range, so that the object at a constant speed through the Pasteurization line , The lower the temperature, the slower bacterial growth; the higher the temperature, the faster the propagation but the temperature is too high, the bacteria will die different bacteria have different optimum growth temperature and heat resistance, cold ability . Pasteurization In fact, the use of the characteristics of the pathogen is not very heat-resistant, with a suitable temperature and time treatment to kill them all. However, after pasteurization, still retains a small part of the harmless or beneficial, the more resistant bacteria or bacteria spores.
The device is to be based on the amount of custom sterilization hourly demand. For more details, consult Mikawa machinery

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