Airshower series

Airshower series

Product description:

Airshower also called air shower room It is the person or cargo entering the clean area by the fan through the air shower nozzle through efficient filter clean strong winds or surface adsorption of dust a highly versatile addition to a partial purification equipment .

Airshower personnel into the clean room is necessary for clean room purification equipment, when versatility, with all the clean room and supporting the use of clean room, the staff into the shop, you must pass this equipment, with a strong clean air , the nozzle can be rotated in all directions from the person body spray, effective and rapid clearance to attached dust on clothes, hair, hair cuttings and other debris, which can reduce people out of the pollution problems arising from the clean room. Airshower The two- door electronic interlocking, they can and play the role of air lock, to prevent outside contamination and has not been purified air into the clean areas. The staff will put an end to the hair, dust, bacteria into the plant, to the workplace stringent Cleanroom standards, to produce high quality products.

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