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Smoked furnace

Smoked furnace
  • Smoked furnace
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Smoked furnace Introduction : Mainly used for meat products, fish products, smoked smoked process equipment, usually at the same time having a dry, baking, cooking and other commonly used functions such as steam, electricity or gas to provide heating source tradition. the method is the use of burning wood : sawdust, wood grain, lumber and other materials to produce fumes fumes generated by the automatic control panel furnace smoked meat maturation process is one of the essential equipment. has cooking, drying, humidification and drying, baking, smoked, ventilation, cleaning and other functions Mikawa machinery through independent research and development, and to learn advanced experience in the industry, has developed four specifications smoked furnace : a two-car series, a door of a car series, two-door two-car series, automatic two-door four-car series of small smoke smoked stove and oven, equipment reached domestic leading level. and provide quality, technology, ensure 100 % satisfaction to give recognized by our customers, we are a professional, year-round supply of smoked furnace manufacturers.

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