Planing meat machine

Planing meat machine

Product description:

Planing meat machine Use strong rotating cutter, cut the frozen meat of different thicknesses, frozen without thawing premise cut meat, frozen meat thawing process can be omitted, improve work efficiency. With supporting the use of frozen pork meat grinder, add Great for meat processing meat grinder before work efficiency, but also extend the life of the meat grinder is indispensable meat processing equipment. machine design is reasonable, balanced center of gravity of the body, breaking the traditional design widened fuselage large torque grated not shake reasonable planing plate design reinforcing bars and special treatment blade machining time without fatigue crack such a situation, 4KW high-power motors with heavy-duty mining machinery dedicated reducer Hardened super durable.

Technical Parameters

Power : 2.2kw
Yield : 600-1200kg / h
Slice thickness : Adjustable
Dimensions : 1300 * 645 * 1320 (mm)

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