Frozen meat grinder

Frozen meat grinder

Product description:

Frozen meat grinder Meat production industry is highly versatile, using a wide range of a meat processing equipment. It relies on a screw hopper tank onto the pre-cut raw meat at plate by rotation of the screw extruder so that the orifice plate and reamer a relative quality operation, so that the raw meat cut into particle shape, to ensure the uniformity of the meat through different combinations of plates may be desirable to achieve the requirements of different meat .

Advantages: 1, common good, wide application range, high production efficiency ;
2, with frozen ground meat function, saving time, effort, fresh and good quality ;
3, the cutter when cutting process with short, low temperature, is conducive to preservation, to extend shelf life .
1, frozen meat cutter function ;
2, reversing function, so that the possibility of zero obstruction meat grinder ;

3, various combinations of orifice, is more suitable for different requirements of meat .

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