Supply Kai Jiang Yin Kai Cheng, Cheng HJ series electric hoists

Supply Kai Jiang Yin Kai Cheng, Cheng HJ series electric hoists

Product description:

Brand: Kai Cheng model: HJ series
  • Weight: Other kg
  • Type: Electric wire rope hoist
Detailed description:

Electric hoists for buildings, with a compact, efficient features such as increased, particularly suitable for building low building.

According to the different requirements can be provided with double braking, speed limits, overload and the electric hoist with manual release.
HJ-type wire rope electric hoist has a variety of weights, lifting height and lifting and running, two-speed feature, the product can also
Foot overspeed protection, overload protection, high requirements such as braking systems and manual release can be very high safety requirements (such as nuclear power plant) environment
This model has been successfully applied in qinshan phase II project in lingao and Daya Bay nuclear power project, widely influenced by domestic for external use
Families of all ages.
Lifting capacity (t): 3.26.35102032
Lifting height (m): 6.381012.51620
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Jiang Yin Kai-Cheng, the company supplies electric hoists, Kai-Cheng of the brand, models HJ series. parameters are: weight: other, type: electric wire rope hoists. quality assurance, welcomed the consultation to discuss 15852661680.