Jiang Yin Kaicheng CD1 supply electric hoist

Jiang Yin Kaicheng CD1 supply electric hoist

Product description:

Brand : Kai Cheng Model : CD1
  • Starting weight: Other kg
  • Types of: Electric wire rope hoists
Detailed description:

CD1 electric hoist, electric hoist Jiang Yin Kaicheng, Jiang Yin Kaicheng Lifting

CD1 electric hoist, with a compact, light weight, small size, easy operation. It can be installed separately

Word overhead beam, it can also be installed using .MD1 type on electric or manual single- beam, dual- beam, cantilever, gantry cranes
Electric hoist CD1 electric hoist all have a little, and in the fine operating occasions, when CD1 electric hoist lifting speed
When not meet the requirements, it should be selected dual MD1 electric hoist lifting speed .

The company supplies Jiang Yin Kaicheng electric hoist, brand Kai Cheng, model CD1. Quality assurance, welcomed the consultation talks 18,206,160,859 .