UK COOPER Split Bearing 01 BCP 170MM GR

UK COOPER Split Bearing 01 BCP 170MM GR

Product description:

COOPER (COOPERbearing) is a professional split rolling bearing manufacturer in UK, the split bearings have many features and advantages: Completely separatebearings (split bearings) , the installation does not need to move around whenthe equipment or machine. Installation cost is low, easy to change, to reducedowntime, improve the efficiency of maintenance etc.

Today let's check the technical data sheetfor COOPER bearing 01 BCP 170MM GR.

Whole set COOPER split bearinghousing: BCP 170MM GR

Bearing housing P/ N: P12

Bearing Inner bore diameter: 170mm

H: 235mm

N: 534mm

O: 190mm

P: 35mm

Bolt: M24

R: 375 – 400

Weight: 123 KGS

EX: free end bearing

GR: fixed end bearing

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The following are UK COOPER split bearingpart NO. for your ref.

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02BC115 02BC200 02BC203 02BC204 02BC207 02BC208 02BC211 02BC212 02BC215 02BC300 02BC303 02BC204 02BC307 02BC308 02BC311 02BC312 02BC315 02BC400 02BC403 02BC407 02BC408 02BC415 02BC500 02BC503 02BC507 02BC208 02BC515 02BC600

02BCP607 (02BCP160) 02BCP608 (02BCP170) 02BCP615 (02BCP180) 02BCP700 () 02BCP715 (02BCP190) 02BCP800 (02BCP200) 02BCP900 (02BCP220) 02BCP1000 (02BCP240) .02BCP1100 (02BCP280) 02BCP1200 (02BCP300) 02BCP1300 (02BCP320) 02BCP1400 (02BCP340)

Bearing housing part NO.: P32 P33 P34 P35 P36 P37 P38 P39 P40

COOPER split bearings are widely used inmetallurgy, coal, electric power, ships, cement, paper making, chemical, sugar, water treatment, transmission, blower, turbine, port machinery, ball mill andother industries and fields. Welcome to contact us for best prices.