Glass fiber yarn shelf

Glass fiber yarn shelf

Product description:

Fengxiang glass fiber limited liability company (the original Fengxiang County, Shaanxi Province glass fiber plant) was founded in 1984 , The State Building Materials Bureau Nanjing Fiberglass Research and Design Institute in one of the northwest point of the glass fiber production enterprises. Has no arsenic alkali, alkali production lines, with an annual output of glass fiber products 4000 Tons.

The company registered capital of 12. 38 Million, currently has 370 It employs more than strong technical force, advanced technology, product quality and stability, and through the European Union 76 Item PONY testing. Sales network covering over 20 provinces and cities nationwide, praised by users. The company management rigorous science, many times by the recognition of higher authorities, was 'the Ministry of Agriculture total quality management standards enterprises ", Shaanxi Province' technology demonstration enterprises', Baoji City 'contract and keeping promises' unit, consumer trust' units and other awards, jade-licensing 'trademark 2011 It was named the 'Shaanxi Province famous trademark'.

Enterprise Mission: Companies in the 'quality of survival, to the credibility of development' approach, with advanced technology, scientific and strict management, innovative spirit, dedication to provide users with excellent products and complete sales service .

product description:

1 , E no arsenic, pretreatment (No wax) 40 Support multifilament yarns;

2 , E no arsenic, pretreatment (No wax) 140 Insulating cloth;

3 , E-arsenic-free pre-treatment (no wax) 13 #, 18 # Fishing rods cloth;

4 , E-arsenic-free pre-treatment (no wax) 7628 Electronic cloth;

5 , Alkali 45 Support multifilament yarns;

6 , Alkali 140 Insulating cloth.

Also based on user demand.

Features: Environmental Products

1 , 76 Item PONY test detection qualified;

2 , SGS Standard test qualified;

3 , Pre-treatment of yarn, cloth products enhance the penetration and tensile strength, used in special industries, such as: military products, specialty industrial products.

Application: widely used in electronic information, aerospace CCL; electrically insulating laminates; insulating sleeve; fishing rods, golf clubs and other sporting goods, high-tech industry is the development of new structural materials indispensable.