EPDM foam(sponge)strip

EPDM foam(sponge)strip

Product description:

three Yuan second grade third (EPDM) block glue uses a microwave curing craft formation, the surface brightly and cleanly artistic, has the good elasticity and the anti-compression deformation, bears the weather to get older, to bear the ozone, bears the chemical action and the wide application temperature scope (- 40`C ~ + 120`C) and so on the outstanding performance, already by manufacturing industry widespread applications and so on automobile windows and doors curtain wall To the different shape, the different material quality. , or cold resistant, heat-resisting, becomes spongy, the solid body, as well as has request and so on special performance products, can satisfy the design and the use need.

Main functions:



light insulation

crash insulation

sound insulation

smoke insulation

water proof

Standard of production:
1, GB12002-89 (Gland Strip for PVC-U-steel Doors and Windows)
2, GB320 281NAF05-2000 (Perduren Gland Strip for Panel Walls)
3, ISO3934 (GB10712) (Rubber Gland Strip for Buildings-Performing Solid Core Perduren Materials Sealing Glass Windows and Panels-Criterion)
4, TB 1964-87 (Test Methods on Gland Strip for Coach Doors and Windows)
5, TB 1444-83 (Technological Criterion for Rubber Parts of Diesel Locomotives)
6, HG / T 3088-1987 (Rubber Gland Strip for Vehicle Doors and Windows)

• Product Category:

• Characteristics:

· EPDM Rubber Foam strip
· EPDMFoam Rubber Gland Strip
· Sponge Gland Strip Article
· Foam Gland Strip

· Micro wave curing, uninterruptible molding, smooth, free of jointing mark.
· Elastic, pressure resistant, nondeforming and hardening resistant.
· Low smoke, low toxic and fire-retardant.
· Stable extrusion, precise size.

Partial product schematic drawing (Other styles may make to order):
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