Seal Strip For Machine Cabinets

Seal Strip For Machine Cabinets

Product description:

Depending on twenty years experience, JUFENG has researched and developed unique Seal strip for various machine cabinets, which is durable, well-sealed, waterproof, fireproof, insect blocking, light shading and shock absorbing.
The Seal Strip for Machine Cabinets is by the anti-compression deformation, bear aged, the ozone, the chemical action, the wide application temperature scope (- 40`c; ~+120`c) three Yuan second grade third rubber (EPDM) rubber with the packing to become spongy with bonds densely becomes, contains the unique metal jig and the tongue shape buckle, firm durable, favors the installment. The Seal strip plays a key role in protecting machine cabinets.
Variant Product Name:
Seal strip for electric appliance boxes Seal strip for electric cabinets Seal strip for electric control cabinets Seal strip for electric boxes Seal strip for machine cabinets Waterproof strip for machine boxes Seal strip for cabinet doors

Main functions:



light insulation

crash insulation

sound insulation

smoke insulation

water proof

• Category:

• Characteristics:

・Box and cabinet Seal strip
・EPDMRubber Seal Strip
・Sponge Seal Strip
・Foam Seal Strip

・Micro wave curing, uninterruptible molding, smooth, free of jointing mark.
・Elastic, pressure resistant, nondeforming and hardening resistant.
・Low smoke, low toxic and fire-retardant.
・Stable extrusion, precise size.

Partial product schematic drawing (Other styles may make to order)
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