Seal Strip For PVC-U-steel Doors And Windows

Seal Strip For PVC-U-steel Doors And Windows

Product description:

In recent years, PVC-U steel doors and windows have been popular for erosion resistance, weatherproof, sound isolation and heat isolation. Our product, Seal strip for PVC-U steel doors and windows is not only smooth, watertight but also decorative. Though a few manufacturers choose modified PVC, most major demanding manufacturers prefer EPDM or thermoplastic EPDM.

• Production criterion
1, GB12002-89 (Seal Strip for PVC-U-steel Doors and Windows)
2, GB320 281NAF05-2000 (Perduren Seal Strip for Panel Walls)
3, ISO3934 (GB10712) (Rubber Seal Strip for Buildings― Preforming Solid Core Perduren Materials)

• Some products section Map (The product concrete color may according to customer request ordering.)

Partial product schematic drawing (Other styles may make to order) :
(iagram for reference only, please call us to enquire the specific product standards) Tel→: 0319-7502102
Series 1
SpecCross-section diagramModel
SpecCross-section diagram
YTSG-513*8*4.8 YTSG-1312.5*5.8*3
YTSG-811.8*10*6 YTSG-1623.8*18*20
Series 2

Series 3

Series 4

Series 5
Series 6
• Diagram illustrating the installation of our products
※ Below is the partial products schematic drawing, may according to your request to make to order each kind of style.