Qian Fei Mei | summer new fashion new Korean wild sweet bow skirt

Qian Fei Mei | summer new fashion new Korean wild sweet bow skirt

Product description:

Four feet clothing company network business platform is a set of Japanese, Korean style, women's fashion wholesale wholesale and retail as one of the manufacturers of women's direct marketing platform, to lead the domestic 18-40 years old women's fashion style New Wave, platform four feet clothing company owned by several Relying on large processing plants, opened in 2009, is the design, development, production, sales of large-scale e-commerce clothing factory direct wholesale website.

Four feet clothing company network business platform for the store mixed batch to join the network of agents, chain stores and brand stores to provide different grades of clothing, in order to better select merchants in the market and our coverage of the domestic wholesale business entities recent 10 provinces and cities, autonomous regions, and has joined the brand stores, shopping malls counters and a large number of domestic cooperation wholesale products sales network (shop) covering Taobao, pat network, eBay, Baidu has ah other major E-commerce sales site.

Thanks for consumers and partners 'four feet clothing company network business platform' recognition, trust and love, the platform since the opening has been rapid development, the network gradually increase brand awareness. Platform with their own advantages and regional industry chain resources and facilities, to play a greater 'four feet clothing company network business platform' advantage in style, quality and price aspects.

We look forward to establish long-term stable cooperative relationship with you; the fastest speed; optimal service to meet your needs!

Added four feet clothing, you have the following three major advantages:

1. We have the absolute advantage in the supply, because we have our own workshop, because their own production, in order to control the price so low, a new shop opened if there is no absolute advantage in price, NA me to do anyway not up credibility over, but the big sellers, but cheaper than the big sellers, do not and others than service?

2. All of our products are real shot, not because of any product image problem and be penalized; if not a new store a few liters of heart, because very few pictures infringement detained, NA me also ruffle people do business?

3. We have a professional guide you shop Taobao sellers, all customer service are trained, as long as you do not understand the problem, you can always contact our customer service, Special Agent 'privacy commissioner but also provides operators phone, 24 hours at your service 1000 hours free customer service Kandian time. We are not the same as other businesses, just send some tutorials for you to get away, we focus on combat, only to teach you, real to solve your problem!

4; enjoy life to get free shop fitting; store promotional advertising design; promotion and marketing outlets throughout the guide; and credit support services (brush main push commodity trading volume; brush praise; to build the popularity of the main push baby) and other services.

The company's official website Name: four feet clothing company network operators platform

Four feet clothing company network operators Platform Website: www.cccc.hk

Company Headquarters Address: Xiangzhou District of Zhuhai City, Harbour Centre Tower A three Tangjiawan

Tel: 4008833882 / 0756-3618280

Contact QQ: 2651587341