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AIERSHI 2013 summer new trend of Korean version of the noble qualities of waist pleated skirt

AIERSHI 2013 summer new trend of Korean version of the noble qualities of waist pleated skirt
  • AIERSHI 2013 summer new trend of Korean version of the noble qualities of waist pleated skirt
  • AIERSHI 2013 summer new trend of Korean version of the noble qualities of waist pleated skirt
  • AIERSHI 2013 summer new trend of Korean version of the noble qualities of waist pleated skirt
Product code: 20766800001
Unit price: 30-150 CNY
Reference price: 4.37-21.84 USD
Minimum order:
Other info: 50KG Orange Yellow
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First, on Agency Fee:

Many friends asked us to where to find free agency fees sources. In fact, basically a little better sources are to agency fees, ranging from a few dozen blocks to the hundreds of pieces, mainly those stations is generally done quite a long time or is They supply a comparative advantage, so to raise the threshold, filtering part of the customer try mentality, never let the seller psychological trouble trying to market a free commodity that everyone can get, will lead to a flood of goods, so that you will be hard supply to run it? Such supply only genuine business sellers to increase competitive pressure.

NA me, there is no free agent supply it?

Of course there are several major cases, mostly free agent.

1. Compare Pianmen supply, such as a friend is doing hand-painted shoes, fewer people want the agent, it has been all free agents.

2. The newly opened wholesale stations, these stations due to the sales volume is not high, no Shiyao customers, so recruit free agents, want faster accumulation of sales, but this new station, generally as follows:

A. No Shiyao experience, there is no perfect set of processes.

B. Because of the low sales of his own, so do not Shiyao stock, it is easy to stock.

C. He is likely to do for some time, turn off the discovery can not go, you're nothing.

3. N supply hand, he is also the agent came from others, and then the agent gives you. He did not have inventory shipments do not own, naturally do not charge you fee. Obviously, others have been earned in one hand, and even There may be several hands before they turn to you here.

4. Even if you find a good free sources, but the free supply, everyone can get, so the proliferation of merchandise to promote your ruffle ruffle to run? You can guarantee someone else grab it?

Second, how to choose the right supply

Open shop Shiyao most important? Is the most important sources. In fact, many find primary and secondary sources are not caught. Lead to a lot of newcomers to get cheated or bad sources, such goods do today and tomorrow to do the kind of goods that do not stop change, shop always open it up.

How should we choose to supply it?

1. The regular real primary sources suppliers. Looking for regular supply of strength to prevent fraud, the most important, in addition, they have the strength of supply adequate inventory, stable, cooperation for many years. Otherwise, you finally sell a piece of clothing They not any goods, have to give the customer a refund, an apology. primary sources is to have a relatively high profit.

2. Good quality, style is good. Think long to shop, be sure to pay attention to the quality of style, so that it can repeat, but the return is relatively small.

3. The price is right. Good price, only competitive, but also pay attention to the quality, not blindly seek cheap, otherwise poor quality of goods, the sale will be a lot of problems. We have received had such an agent, he said he had supply shop is about 8-20 block purchase price, style monotonous also can not promote, nor dare clients to ensure quality, afraid to deal with low quality aftermarket.

5. The agency fee is mainly to see their business situation to be, to do part-time owner who can choose to do low-level grades, so even not going to open the shop will not lose too much. If you intend to do long-term network shop or business owner can choose the level of high-level agents to do, because you want to ensure that the purchase price advantage of goods. If the corresponding proxy margin excessive caution, to avoid being cheated.

Also do not blindly seek free agency fees, a good supply, spend dozens of pieces of agency fees is worth it. Otherwise, you find inappropriate sources, in exchange for going, there may be several times the loss.

6. If you read this letter, even if you do not choose the final cooperate with us, please also follow the above conditions sourcing, choose a good supply is equivalent to fifty percent successful, the other fifty percent will rely on your own efforts of late.

Ma borrowed word: (start) I am very cruel; more brutal tomorrow; tomorrow is good; but most of the people died in tomorrow night; unseen acquired Sun adhere + effort = success


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