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Pretty woman | 2013 summer dress new fashion noble Korean slim cute chiffon shirt

Pretty woman | 2013 summer dress new fashion noble Korean slim cute chiffon shirt
  • Pretty woman | 2013 summer dress new fashion noble Korean slim cute chiffon shirt
  • Pretty woman | 2013 summer dress new fashion noble Korean slim cute chiffon shirt
  • Pretty woman | 2013 summer dress new fashion noble Korean slim cute chiffon shirt
Product code: 20766500001
Unit price: 30-150 CNY
Reference price: 4.36-21.81 USD
Minimum order:
Other info: 50KG White
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Four foot platform for network operators to set up a clothing company in 2009; We grow with the online clothing wholesale market; Has been a slow and steady pace; We are a research and development design; Produce; Sales; Brand franchise operating services of specialized clothing company

Four foot platform for network operators in a clothing company brand is fine; Sophisticated technology; Modern management; Under the principle of sincere cooperation for development; To store franchise business; And recruitment agent to sell the network forms of network-oriented market; We support online agent to sell (ladies/Pat networks/eBay for Taobao) 's customer consultation and participation.

Our best friends for most of the demand for clothing fashion clothing. As well as online marketplace providing online clothing wholesale sourcing of fashion brand women's clothing and women's consignment services. In 2009 four feet under NET platform line of clothing company with the big brand manufacturers work closely together. today, four foot platform for network operators already have a clothing company fast online purchase order channel, will be the lowest price and high quality service (reduced profits). four feet clothing company network business network covering the city-level cities of the Earth. OEM manufacturers and dealers are welcome to contact us to discuss cooperation, we sincerely welcome your inquiries!

Located in: Guangdong Province, Guangzhou, Dongguan, four foot apparel company network platform clothing wholesale market of the Union.


At present the majority of shoppers today, increasing demand for the product cost, we found that there must be a sound procurement distribution system, in order to constantly improve product quality while reducing product prices, thus reducing the increase in cost of sales intermediaries is imperative. So we founded China's online shopping site, products directly to consumers on the Web, while Web sites with more detailed information than shopping in a store, history, as well as information such as customer reviews, customer can facilitate the quick queries from the assortment of all kinds of goods required products; But also significantly reduce the cost of store operations, to transfer price to the customer.


4C NET positioned in the high-end customer base of women, landed in all merchandise through our thousands of products carefully selected products, each product has its own characteristics, each product before landing after editors of layers of screening, this will be our firm principles of service from start to finish.


We are committed to providing authoritative information, lowest prices and convenient way to shop, for you to create a new era of e-shopping experience! our commitment strictly in accordance with national law and policy formal operations, management products are the formal channels to introduce legal tax deferral and original authentic and has a better warranty, returns and after-sales service system. To give you a more accurate and comprehensive understanding of the product you need, every product that we offer a 100% sample of high-resolution digital photographs, detailed technical introduction to performance indicators and manufacturers. While using a variety of convenient payment methods and safe distribution system, real time order tracking through advanced Internet technology, and ensure that each customer security and confidentiality of that information.


Join four foot apparel company network platform Alliance family, you are not alone in the shop, but full of various departments to help you shop, under the guidance of us give you carefully, and your efforts to have a good sales are not a problem. The services we provide to you, all of them free for life, like the shop decoration, brush the credibility, promote, shop running 29 services such as training. These, we are all free to you, help you to save a lot of open

We provide the following services:

• Open exams help

• Within one year of any personalized decoration; Omni-directional promotion; One-to-one counselling; Specialized training

• First upload, so you can directly get the shop management

• Baby describes build a strong store optimizing

⒌ will check the quality before shipment; Quality assurance; Rest assured that agent to sell

• Store credit upgrade; Brush drill for life; Interpretation of the new changes in Crown shop

Official name of the company: four foot apparel company Web business platform

Network platform four feet clothing company website: www.cccc.hk

Company headquarters address: tangjia Bay, Harbor, xiangzhou district, Zhuhai City Center a three-story

Tel: 400-8833 882/0756-3618280

Contact QQ:2651587341