Liang Jia | 2013 summer new trend noble princess chiffon shirt Slim Korean

Liang Jia | 2013 summer new trend noble princess chiffon shirt Slim Korean

Product description:

First, on four feet clothing company network operators platform

Four feet clothing company network operators platform is four feet Garment Co., Ltd. Zhuhai's professional clothing wholesale platform, four feet clothing was founded in August 2009, is a professional services in online and physical store wholesale e-commerce platform. The company's has several clothing factory, and clothing brands powerful combination, together to create a large garment wholesale and distribution platform, we are committed to advanced Internet platform, fully integrated rich Pearl River Delta region in Guangdong clothing resources, reduce the circulation throughout the country clothing Wumart real price retailers and clothing wholesale clothing supply chain brand to provide users with high-end brands nationwide women's fashion, Korean brand women's, Women's Fashion, and many areas of various brands of men's, bags and other fashion business card wholesale consignment services. is China's largest women's fashion in the field of e-commerce operators.

Four feet clothing company network business platform 'set up large-scale garment factories and distribution centers, and many clothing manufacturers, foreign trade clothing factory direct cooperation, capable of providing all categories of boutique trend of women, foreign brand apparel and other seasonal clothing wholesale and supply adequate, new products constantly, is the best choice for boutiques and clothing distributors purchase. So far, we have not only its own processing plant products, but also with Shenzhen, Dongguan Humen, Guangzhou, nearly 50 strong competitive advantage in the clothing manufacturers and clothing brands to establish a long-term stable cooperative relations, and has more than its own brand throughout the country and a network of dealers and customers. We are fully committed to the best goods, the most affordable price, the best service, build domestic online brand of choice under the net purchase of clothing.

The company has four years of experience in women's fashion e-commerce operations, with major domestic and international brand women's, men's brand, brand women bag production enterprises to establish a good working relationship the company through more than one thousand retail outlets to minimize channel integration the availability of the product price, and the women's fashion e-commerce in this particular area proposed a comprehensive solution for the franchisee to solve all the preparatory work and post-delivery services.

The company greatest degree of reducing the risk threshold and franchisees women's fashion e-commerce, so that franchisees can spend less time in the preparatory work, and to put more effort into its site operations and product marketing chain effectively improve the success rate of the franchisee.

Our business purposes: customers first, the supremacy to the essence, the future success'.

Our business philosophy: cooperation, integrity, consistent pace. '

Four feet clothing company network business platform 'hope and strive to become the best in your clothing business partner!

Intentions, people-oriented. Welcome you to join, join hands for common development! We believe that pain no gain, on the future of the road, we continue our efforts.

Two, 4C business model

Four feet clothing company network business platform 'rewrite the Chinese e-commerce market fashion brand women's business model, the development of a new industry rules.

Formerly: manufacturers - the distributor - agents around - merchants - Retailers - Customer

From the factory to the hands of customers, need to go through layers of links, each link are related to logistics, inventory management and various other costs, plus a reasonable profit the business, the cost paid by the customer for the product to reach even ex-factory price of the product times.

It is: the factory - four feet clothing company network business platform - Customer

The company through more than one thousand franchisee channel resources integration and optimization, master a large number of goods orders jumped over brokers direct cooperation with manufacturers. This huge channel advantages franchisee can get a lower supply prices, with a more high profit margins!

III; join 4C; make your business more competitive Shop

Ideas determine the starting point for the decision height. Your feet, under their own religion, or someone else's shoulders?

Four feet clothing company network business platform to provide you with a platform; a shoulder; a starting point; a responsibility; a trust!


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