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Pretty woman | Summer 2013 new trend high quality Korean sweet chiffon shirt

Pretty woman | Summer 2013 new trend high quality Korean sweet chiffon shirt
  • Pretty woman | Summer 2013 new trend high quality Korean sweet chiffon shirt
  • Pretty woman | Summer 2013 new trend high quality Korean sweet chiffon shirt
  • Pretty woman | Summer 2013 new trend high quality Korean sweet chiffon shirt
Product code: 20766300001
Unit price: 30-120 CNY
Reference price: 4.37-17.47 USD
Minimum order:
Other info: 50KG White Green
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One, about us

Four-foot NET platform is a clothing company in Zhuhai four foot apparel limited's online distribution platform; Zhuhai four feet clothing limited mainly manufacture and wholesale of high-end women's fashion brands; Adhering to the entities together with the network management philosophy; Companies establish independent B2B online distribution platform in the Internet; Our official website: www.cccc.hk and through the PayPal sign up special business, long-term supply of more fashion brand women's clothing wholesale and agents, professional training to online distributors, managed operational support.

According to the latest survey of Eric, and four foot apparel company network business platform has been among China's online suppliers of leading enterprises in the field. Their accomplishments, not only be regarded as an innovation of the e-commerce industry to break the traditional enterprise, more traditional garment industry to become the miracle.

Second, conditions

1 for the basic operations of computers and online, be able to handle minor problems on the customers.

2, have their own online shop (independent website Taobao; clap; ya) welcomed independence Mall customers come to the consultation of the site independently.

3; No sales requirements; To accept stock; Long-term cooperative attitude holder (no need to take any inventory risk)

4, shop without credit, and novices are welcome to join.

Third, our services

1, provides the network for all commodities Taobao, Pat packets.

2, offers templates Taobao shop decoration and teaching videos.

3, to provide agents with a generation and after-sales service.

4, perfect after-sale '7 day unconditional return policy provided (Note: the need to ensure that the packaging and tags intact; next; budget; promotion; except for seasonal merchandise)

5; We offer agents the most assured method of payment; The whole (Alipay) secured transactions.

Four, we win

1. manufacturers of primary sources to ensure agents online price advantage!

On the premise of authentic quality, lowest of any merchandise with brand with our whole network, welcomed the contrast of the whole network.

2. brand products, quality assurance, and offer a 30-day unconditional return policy, postage us to bear.

3. sufficient supply of weekly updates.

Each new season we are updated at least twice a week, total 100 a week or so. (Updated depending on the weather changes with the season)

4. the merchandise we offer many styles, fashion trends, for Taobao hot merchandise. More than 2000 variety of all merchandise in stock, some stock have been marked.

5. company (Alipay) signed cooperation, full PayPal secured transactions, make your payment for more protection.

6, we are not dependent on agents bond to develop as long as meet sales requirements, hundred percent security deposit refunded.

7. We provide free lifetime brush reputation, professional teachers help you brush your reputation, reduce your stress and let you rest assured that business. Your online reputation is no longer a problem!

We in heart service, we in specification we of products, we in let we cooperation partners money, never let sellers attempts to of psychological trouble market, free of commodity everyone are get, you will heart to do did? certainly select a good of cooperation businesses very important, if is a himself team design, himself factory production, sale Hou, price, quality Shang are has enough advantage of cooperation business, believes you certainly willing to's? if is develop a small career, everyone are believes input and risk coexist of, see associate has on forward rushed. Than time and efficiency in the network era, if you use too many opportunities to try for, believe that opportunity is gone.

Official name of the company: four foot apparel company Web business platform

Network platform four feet clothing company website: www.cccc.hk

Company headquarters address: tangjia Bay, Harbor, xiangzhou district, Zhuhai City Center a three-story

Tel: 400-8833 882/0756-3618280

Contact QQ:2651587341