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Qian Fei Mei | summer new tide Korean version was thin candy-colored stretch pant

Qian Fei Mei | summer new tide Korean version was thin candy-colored stretch pant
  • Qian Fei Mei | summer new tide Korean version was thin candy-colored stretch pant
  • Qian Fei Mei | summer new tide Korean version was thin candy-colored stretch pant
  • Qian Fei Mei | summer new tide Korean version was thin candy-colored stretch pant
Product code: 20766200001
Unit price: 30-120 CNY
Reference price: 4.36-17.45 USD
Minimum order:
Other info: 60KG Black
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Four feet clothing company network business platform, is the leading clothing manufacturers in Zhuhai four feet Garment Co., Ltd. established network business platform, to emphasize style concise fashion, casual and elegant, with a strong sexual dress, showing and practicality, so that a variety different identities in different age groups custom high end products, off the market, stimulate consumption! distribution and agency network across the country, popular, high popularity, with shocking impact and market appeal! to domestic investors unprecedented The investment surprise for clothing retailers across the country to provide material supply and wholesale clothing chain brand. Zhuhai four feet Garment Co., Ltd. with a strong cultural heritage, distinctive brand positioning, and efficient management team and innovative management ideas, establish a more than 200 cities of the pet big terminal network, with quality assurance, many brands, one-stop shopping, fast delivery, quality after-sales, in order to reduce the circulation, limit shorten the procurement chain, to build Guangdong clothing company network operators platform professional business card The objective to develop, seize the opportunity, but also a brilliant!

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