NdFeB Magnetic Filter Including 5 Magnetic Bars Single Layer

NdFeB Magnetic Filter Including 5 Magnetic Bars Single Layer

Product description:

Basic Info.

Grade: N35-N52; 35m-50m; 35h-48h; 33sh-45sh; 30uh-40uh
Export Markets: Global

Additional Info.

Trademark: HJ
Packing: Box or Carton
Standard: Rohs
Origin: Nanjing, Jiangsu
Production Capacity: 500000set/ Year

Product Description

(1) . The magnetic strength at the peak value is more than 12000 gauss
(2) . Unique and optimum design of magnetic circuit makes the high-gradient magnetic
strength, and with the good effect of separation
(3) .Can be used to separate the strong magnetism iron impurity and leak magnetism
iron impurity such as iron rust, iron scrap and other tiny magnetic impurity

(4) .Full catching and strong snap capability available, which can efficiently
reduce the times of iron-separation and lower labor working intensity.
(5) The key parts use the NdFeB rare earth permanent magnetic material made by the updated techniques, having the solid structure and stable performance for long life usage.

6. No energy-consumption during operation, low operation cost, easy and convenient to install and clear .

7. The standard type can accomodate to the working temperature ≤80°C, we can also provide the high-temperature type accomodates to the temperature environment as high as 200°C .

8. Various clearing tool accessories are available for selection Custom-size and multiple-layer grid designs are available.
Application and Structure:
High effective permanent magnetic filter bars can be installed at any point in solid or liquid material flows to catch and separate very fine ferrous particles, and they may apply in medicines, sanitation, textile, machinery and foodstuffs. When the ferrous materials pass through, they will be attracted by strong magnet and absorbed on the pipe wall, so as to ensure the intact of the machinery and the safety of products.
The filter bars are equipped with powerful ferrite magnets or high-energy NdFeB (Neodymium Iron Boron) magnets, which build up a strong and dense magnetic field around the extent, and the construction has a high degree of corrosion resistance. As a result, your equipment and facilities will be safe and sound, and your products will be safe for consumption.