Taiwan Longchang heavy vertical milling machine / vertical cross-type milling machine with

Taiwan Longchang heavy vertical milling machine / vertical cross-type milling machine with

Product description:

Taiwan Longchang heavy vertical milling machine / vertical cross-type milling machine with


l Horizontal spindle gearbox all using heat treatment and precision grinding gears 6 variable speed, with a special synchronous circulating lubrication systems and 5 high-powered cutting force powerful force of the motor body cutting area can be completed.

l Strong lock picking head frame structure design, solid lock easily, can withstand heavy cutting of all directions, while still able to maintain the same accuracy.

l Central guided drive around the square chute to become a central guide rail type transmission, both sides of the slide by force, the saddle moving back and forth are not twisted and the plane after all the high-frequency hardened and precision ground to handle the most durable.

l No internal gear turret head pulley variable speed pulley based company patented design (patent number 7,225,810), the head running smoothly, vibration, low noise, easy shifting.

l Spindle spindle with high alloy steel refining method in accordance with an exclusive factory processing and assembly, using precision angular contact ball bearings and preload design dynamic equilibrium, both high and low speed in the West can keep the best precision machining and rigidity.

l Angle adjustment tooth gap anteroposterior axis angle teeth around and double nuts and special adjustment mechanism design, full access to dental unit, adjustable backlash, and high wear-resistant alloy of copper mining materials, long life, forever the best condition.

l Heavy cutting square slide body slide knee-Block, mining large double square design, comprehensive support full stroke, high rigidity, good stability, can withstand heavy workpieces.

l Full gear transmission gearbox gearbox oil invasion, 12 of the feed speed and quick positioning design, no knives, cutting weight, can be handy.

l 260mm wide saddle saddle upper wear plate stickers, reducing manual feed resistance, increased table support area, to prevent the travel of the table tilt left and right to extend machine life, ensure cutting accuracy.

Head Type: 20VS; 20VN; 2G

LC-20 series dual-type milling machine vertical transverse

Model: LC-20VSG; LC-20VGN; LC-VGA; LC-20VHS; LC-20VHN; LC-205VHD

Stroke: 800/920 * 415 * 460 / 435mm, 815/1000 * 380 * 435mm

Workbench: 1300/1420 * 260mm, 1300 * 300mm

CV-205 Series CNC milling machine

Stroke: 800 * 380 * 410mm

Workbench: 1300 * 300mm

LC1-1 / 2 and 185TM / VS / VSX / VN / TMX Series Performance and Features

l Spindle group: mining alloy steel material spindle manufacturing, after a total of more than 20 processing steps milling thickness, heat treatment and precision grinding, so as to ensure the precision of enduring, moving up and down can be handy precision machining shaft bevel ball multiply. Mining group with moderate preload, accuracy and rigidity, high-speed operation nor overheat, the slope at the front end of the handle mounted yaw are controlled within 0.002mm, ultra-fine processing tool prone to breaking.

l Head seat: the patented design of the four-way angle adjustment mechanism, through bilateral and 6 T-slot T screw head up and down 掦 angle, increasing the locking force and rigidity, to avoid re-cutting the time offset head angle for multi-angle complex mold.

l Transmission angle tooth and nuts: double nuts and gap adjustment of structure Our development; Backlash adjustment is simple; comprehensive engagement tooth portion; move smoothly: Phosphor bronze nut with precise angle teeth, abrasion, long service life.

l Main cast: all in the world-famous Meehanite tough cast iron made, and the elimination of processing by tempering and stress, in addition to shock-absorbing ability, strength, toughness and wear resistance than those of the superior general of the FC30 cast iron, can withstand greater The load and impact force, the solid can be maintained long-term use.

l Stepless head: patented design change pulley, through special processing balancing precision calibration, the spindle motor and plating bake process, tail bearing support, smooth operation, less vibration and noise, shifting easily.

n Head internal parts: the design of the gear lever into one spindle feed over the bar and one of the three best gear not only strength, and the fault happened...

n Tooth tube outer diameter by thickness after grinding processing; plated hard bake and then the mirror-finished; ensure concentricity roundness and durability

n Low gear after heat treatment and precision grinding, low noise operation and can withstand heavy cutting.

n Spindle motor and motor pulley by balancing correction, and the use of precision bearings, to ensure smooth functioning of.

n Live spindle drive gear in the gearbox butter operation, to ensure wear resistance and low noise.

n Select 2-5 to follow the spindle motor horsepower requirements.

Model: LC-11 / 2VS, LC-11 / 2TM

LC-185VSB; LC-185TMB; LC-185VSX; LC-185VNB; LC-185TMXB


XYZ stroke: 762/966 * 305 * 408mm, 790/890/990 * 415 * 390mm

Table size: 1067/1270 * 230mm, 1270 * 254mm

World-class equipment and plant

n The company has more than 100 processing equipment, including the five-sided machining centers, medium and large the vertical and horizontal machining centers, precision lathes, precision internal and external grinder and flat grinder.

n The fully air-conditioned factory and ASO9001 certified by quality assurance system to ensure that we manufacture a lot of good quality and stability.

n Full workstation-class computerized management system, maintain the quality and efficiency of the production line, and provide customers with a complete service.

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