Taiwan AXISCO CNC twin spindle rough surface grinder grinding high efficiency

Taiwan AXISCO CNC twin spindle rough surface grinder grinding high efficiency

Product description:

Taiwan AXISCO CNC twin spindle rough surface grinder grinding high efficiency


Machine uses high-strength cast iron, with excellent organization and structure design increase machine rigidity for powerful grinding and fine grinding, and have the functional separation of oil and water.

Up and down and back and forth using FANUC servo motor drive, together with the pulse wave handwheel operation, the three-stage switch back and forth up and down the shaft to achieve a minimum amount of feed 0.001mm.

About the commutation system has a hydraulic servo ball screw systems to choose from.

Rail mining width surface design, and attached Turcite-B resistant film, and with the precision scraping and circulating lubrication systems, to provide a stable and steady sliding abrasion stroke movement, do a strong grinding and fine grinding, high precision grinding , finished surface fine.

Dual-spindle design were used to P4 level and suitable for heavy cutting of bearings, high precision spindle structure, long life can be rough and the final fine machining process is completed in the same machine, without having to replace the wheel or the thickness of 2 machine tools for roughing and finishing, shorten the processing time, improve processing efficiency, increase productivity.

The base is made to increase the span of the double V rail design ensures optimum rigidity, stability and precision and double sink bilateral backwater design, easy to deal with the processing needs of the large amount of water, and can greatly reduce the time grinding coolant leakage , improve the processing environment.

Machine with automatic lubrication system (fuel shortage Self Test), no oil slick, the film is easy to maintain and ensure optimum slip resistance, stability and precision.

Spindle high precision linear slide seat and large span double-walled body, improve the rigidity of the processing, and using positive pressure counterweight system to effectively support the weight of the spindle head, feed size precision, accuracy and stability improve finishing .

Model: AHG-S600 (single spindle); AHG-DS600 (two-spindle)

Working table area: 600mm * 300mm

Spindle center distance: 350mm; spindle center to table the maximum distance: 620 / 550mm

Mobile electronic hand wheel back and forth up and down the 3-stage control: 0.001mm / 0.01mm / 0.1mm

Fast moving back and forth up and down: 10m / min; the minimum amount of feed: 0.001mm

Spindle speed: 1720rpm; Wheel Size: 355mm * 50mm * 127mm

Grinding spindle drive: 3HP * 4P / 7.5HP * 4P; coarse grinding spindle drive: 7.5HP * 4P

Front and rear vertical drive (servo): 1.8kw; total rated horsepower (approximately): 18.5HP (13.86KW)

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