Japan SONY optical device

Japan SONY optical device

Product description:

Japan SONY optical device

Mainly used:

1. grinder (Taiwan's Tatung grinder. Yu Qing grinder, quasi-force grinder, EQUIPTOP grinder, grinder Yin Xing, Fu Yu grinders, grinder dawn, Jiande grinder, Xiang-Hui grinder, Okamoto grinders, Pfeiffer grinder, Wang disc grinder Dirk Fox grinder.)

2. Milling (Taiwan quick milling; new tiger milling; drilling and milling head; Longchang milling; wook is milling machine; Japan MIKNO milling; OKUMA milling machine, etc.);

3. Turning (Taichung machine; CNC lathes will Kivu; Ze Qing lathe; Takizawa lathes, etc.)

4. sparks machine (three expensive spark machine; Stuart put motor; Ming Asia sparks; Che-hung sparks; JOEMARS sparks, etc.).

SONY than measuring instrument known as an altimeter, a major measure of the grinding workpiece height, depth points U12A, U30A. U60A. U90A. Sony measurement series can be widely used in high-precision industrial machinery and general industrial machinery measurements. Easily precision measurement, to ensure production efficiency, improve production quality. Absolute reserved magnetic feet 'SR87, absolute rotary magnetic feet' RU77, so that high-precision mechanical operation of enterprises with the most outstanding performance. SR87 and RU77 not only high-speed, high quality and practical durable, and has excellent environmental resistance, high shock ability, even under harsh operating environment, still retains an ultra-high level of precision performance.

Japan SONY Sony's precision measuring instruments: SONY displacement sensor, SONY detector, SONY transmitter, SONY exploration regulation, SONY digital form, SONY cables, SONY magnetic grid scale, SONY magnetic feet, SONY reading head, SONY optical device , SONY grating, SONY electronic scale, SONY feedback feet, SONY height regulation, SONY digital regulation and other products ...
SONY designated professional sales and technical services wholesale Sony SONY detection systems, providing products consulting, technical support, on-site testing, product updates, spare parts supply and maintenance services.
SONY Manufacturing Systems Corporation measurement systems; use in metal working machinery or long; high-precision detection requires magnetic scale (Magnescale®), using a large gantry equipment or coordinate the longest length of testing equipment to detect up to 100 m. oil resistance, vibration resistance and durability of pollution. simple structure, long service life.
GB Series:
GB-5A; GB-10A; GB-15A; GB-20A; GB-25A; GB-30A; GB-35A; GB-40A; GB-45A; GB-50A; GB-55A; GB-60A; GB- 65A; GB-75A; GB-85A; GB-95A; GB-105A; GB-125A; GB-140A; GB-160A; GB-185A; GB-205A; GB-220A
SR128 Series:
SR128-20; SR128-25; SR128-30; SR128-35; SR128-40; S128-45; SR128-50; SR128-55; SR128-60; SR128-65; SR128-75; SR128-85; SR128- 95; SR128-105; SR128-125; SR128-140; SR128-160; SR128-185; SR128-205; SR128-220
SR127 Series:
SR127-025; SR127-030; SR127-035; SR127-035; SR127-040; SR127-045; SR127-050; SR127-055; SR127-060; SR127-065; SR127-075; SR127-085; SR127- 095; SR127-105; SR127-125
SJ300 series:
SJ300-50; SJ300-100; SJ300-150; SJ300-200; SJ300-250; SJ300-300; SJ300-350; SJ300-400; SJ300-450; SJ300-500; SJ300-550; SJ300-600; SJ300- 650; SJ300-750; SJ300-800; SJ300-850; SJ300-950; SJ300-1050; SJ300-1250; SJ300-1400; SJ300-1600; SJ300-1850; SJ300-2050; SJ300-2200
SL700 Series: 50mm ~ 100000mm
SL130 Series: 50mm ~ 30000mm

SR33 / SR34 Series:
SR33-70; SR33-120; SR33-170; SR33-220; SR33-270; SR33-320; SR33-370; SR33-420; SR33-470; SR33-520; SR33-570; SR33-620; SR33- 720; SR33-770; SR33-820; SR33-920; SR33-1020; SR33-1140; SR33-1240; SR33-1340; SR33-1440; SR33-1540; SR33-1640; SR33-1740; SR33-1840; SR33-2040
SR34-70; SR34-120; SR34-170; SR34-220; SR34-270; SR34-320; SR34-370; SR34-420; SR34-470; SR34-520; SR34-570; SR34-620; SR34- 720; SR34-770; SR34-820; SR34-920; SR34-1020; SR34-1140; SR34-1240; SR34-1340; SR34-1440; SR34-1540; SR34-1640; SR34-1740; SR34-1840; SR34-2040

PL80 series:
PL81-3, PL81-5, PL81-7, PL81-A, PL81-B, PL82-3, PL82-5, PL82-7, PL82-A, PL82-B.
PL20 series:
PL20B-3, PL20B-5

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