Taiwan's quasi-power quasi-force 618CNC molding grinder grinder

Taiwan's quasi-power quasi-force 618CNC molding grinder grinder

Product description:

Taiwan's quasi-power quasi-force 618CNC molding grinder grinder

Taiwan's quasi-power grinder with CNC precision molding grinder

A Taiwanese prospective power grinder features:

1. High-precision spindle drum shells, using ultra-precision bearings P4, in a constant temperature in the best condition preload assembly, the spindle motor Direct-V3 stage.

2. Screw hardened and then by grinding, to ensure long life and accuracy

3. The base saddle. Workbench. Column spindle housing and other major advanced cast iron castings using Meehanite relaxation force annealing to eliminate stress, rigidity, no deformation. Seat rail double V design with Turcife by precision scratch flower treatment, to ensure accuracy and durability.

4. variable speed fast-moving, no vibration hydraulic system temperature rise at the end, the motion are smooth. Using proximity switch control, no noise limit switch double protection.

Third, Taiwan's quasi-force ATD microcomputer series Grinder Features:

The new micro-controller and a complete variety of grinding function single stepper motor control vertical lift vertical axis speed is adjustable. Grinding wheel pick up a variety of fixed-inch options. More amount of single stepping a few select Auto coarse grinding points / fine / zero trituration. Workbench automatic stop position selection. deep grooves cut delay feed function. 450mm automatic feed function.

Four Taiwan's quasi-power series CNC Grinder Features:

Driving up and down before and after the use of a ball screw with servo motor drive, precise positioning and creep feed grinding. 0.0001mm inching settings. Starting point regression / single program / automatic stop / speed adjustment / wheel diameter correction function.

V. Model:

Quasi-force manual fine precision molding surface grinder: JL-614Y; JL-618; JL-614M; JL-614; JL-618M; JL-618; JL818M; JL-818;

Quasi-force hydraulic automatic surface grinder: JL-618SA; JL-818SA; JL-2A618; JL-2A818 , JL-3A618 , JL-3A818; JL-2550H; JL-2550AH , JL-4080 AHR;

Quasi triaxial automatic surface grinder: JL-6020 AHR , JL-5010 AHR; JL-5010 ATD ;

Quasi force ATD microcomputer series precision molding surface grinder: JL-618ATD; JL-818ATD; JL-2550ATD; JL-3060ATD; JL-4080ATD; JL-5010ATD ;

Quasi force ATD Three-axis automatic precision surface grinder: JL-5010ATD; JL-6010ATD; JL-7010ATD; JL-5015ATD;

JL-6015ATD; JL-7015ATD; JL-5020ATD; JL-6020ATD; JL-7020ATD ;

Quasi-edge precision CNC molding surface grinder: JL-4080 CNC; JL-2550CNC;

Quasi force high efficiency CNC Forming Grinder: JL-818 CNC; JL-2550CNC / JL-818NC; JL-2550NC; JL-3060NC;

Powerchip Tao quasi-processing machine: JL-200SCG; JL-300SCG;

Quasi force Fine grooving machine : JL-1520MGM; JL-2720MGM;

Quasi force Linear guide precision grinding machines: JL-3140CNC; JL-50400CNC;

Stroke: 150 * 350150 * 450200 * 150300 * 300400 * 800mm; 400 * 2110mm; 400 * 4910mm;

Six series of specifications -

M: fine-tuning device

SA: a shaft automatic (about hydraulic drive)

2A: two-axis automatic (about hydraulic drive, front rear motor drive)

3A / AH: quick attach under the two-axis automatic lifting mechanism

ATD: three-axis automatic; Y axis microcomputer control; movements using a stepper motor function do Gapping

CNC: servo control forming grinder

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