Taiwan Ming Ming Asia Asia EDM machine sparks

Taiwan Ming Ming Asia Asia EDM machine sparks

Product description:

Taiwan Ming Ming Asia Asia EDM machine sparks

A Taiwan Ming Asian Spindle Features:

• High Strength Faren Meehanite and seamless steel; durable to ensure accuracy; original hidden fire lights; lighting and fire protection; high sensitivity infrared detectors and automatic fire extinguishers liquid nitrogen

Second diverse processing capacity:

Z axis linear processing. Linear displacement process. Triaxial linear processing. Triaxial with dynamic linear processing. Square reaming. Cylindrical reaming. Circle / square swing angle of rotation axis positioned machining .C .C thread machining axis machining. C-axis machining rack.

Three Taiwan Ming Asian manually spark Model:. M30 (250 * 200 * 200mm), M50 (350 * 250 * 200mm)

Function: 1. equipped with Heidenhain EDM controller, numerical display up (-999.0001).

2. Built-nine coordinate memory, built-in reference point and the center mold setting function.

3. Built-in processing depth lowest point display, built-in electrode consumption compensation.

5. Hyde 1μ with optical ruler, wear Teflon rails, high precision ball screw

6. The dual circulation filtration systems, fire detection systems, 0.5A discharge circuit system.

Four Taiwan Ming Asian ZNC Series Model: ZNC30; ZNC50; ZNC90

Five Taiwan Ming Asian CNC Series Model:. P30, P50, A50, A90, C50.

Taiwan Ming Asian P-series features: ZNZ function on the basis of the following additional configuration -

1. with interactive edit mode & Graphics aid, optical device with automatic feedback correction function.

2. The built-in stand-double loop filtration system, and installation of discharge oil cooling system, built-in sleep function is set and an error message is displayed automatically function

3. XYZ-axis with automatic correction mode and automatically find the edge, look for the center of the function, with automatic displacement and positioning processing functions

4. executable side discharge machining and EDM clearance angle of 45 degrees. Executable shake reaming machining, screw holes and the trenches discharge machining.

5. The best surface thickness (Ra0.16μm. Optimal surface fineness (Ra0.12μm (C series).

6. executable circular path discharge machining and EDM vector angle; executable positive and negative taper discharge machining, etc. 45 kinds of EDM functions.

7. have 45 kinds of processing modes and coordinates the work of 60 groups memory .. Built-in hidden rotation axis (C-axis), and installation of ATC automatically replace the electrode system

8. perform various helical gears (teeth) and cylindrical rotating deep discharge machining

VI. Taiwan Ming Asian Dragon model

1. Model: A705 / A500 / A600 / A800 / A1000 / A1200 / A1400 / A1600 / A1800 / A2000 / A2200 / A3200

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