Taiwan KINIK China Taiwan sand wheel

Taiwan KINIK China Taiwan sand wheel

Product description:

Taiwan KINIK China Taiwan sand wheel

Taiwan KINIK Chinese wheel series

main products:
1 , Flat grinding wheel

2, cylindrical grinding wheel

3, the inner circle grinding wheel

4, the roller grinding wheel

5, centerless grinding wheel

6, the crank shaft grinding wheel

7, cam grinding wheel

8, gear grinding wheel

9, tool grinding wheel

10, high-speed flat grinding wheel

11; can bend wheel; cutting wheel

12, MA Wheel

13, KG Wheel

14 round diamonds and ammoniated borax

15, diamond saw blades

16 stone diamond wire saw

17, stone-thick diamond wheel

18, stone profiled processing diamond wheel

19, with a diamond grinding stone

20, the printed circuit board P. C. D blade, precision tools

21, PC D polycrystalline diamond abrasion workers fixtures, cutting tools

22, woodworking P.C.D polycrystalline diamond precision tool

23, PVD D diamond shield abrasion workers fixtures, cutting tools

24, P.V.D.D Moroccan film plated diamond cutting tool

25, DG diamond grinding wheel series

26, balancing instrument calibration

27, a semiconductor CMP

28, a semiconductor thin diamond cutter

29, a single crystal diamond scribing tool

30, KINIK diamond wafer

31, drilled copper heatsink

32, pressure welding hammer

33, PCD cutter wheel arbor

34, high-performance diamond polishing tape

35, aspheric glass lens molding learn

36, regeneration wafer

37, United States polysilicon material

KINIK main products of traditional wheel:

Free polishing wheel, polishing wheel plane (flat type), the ring plane polishing; ring-piece wheel; DSG wheel; inadvertently polishing grinding wheel; cylindrical polishing (crank shaft), gear wheel polishing tool The polishing wheel, polishing wheel serrated, valve seat grinding wheel, Cylinder Boring sand bar, KG wheel, MA wheel, cutting wheel polishing method MG, MG method using stone millstone, stone grindstone, ironwork grindstone, Whetstone, high speed flat wheel, cutting wheel, sandpaper disc, petiole wheel.

KINIK BD wheel -CBN and diamond tools:

Porcelain diamond and CBN grinding wheels, resin diamond and CBN grinding wheels, diamond and CBN grinding wheel electroformed metal bond diamond and CBN grinding wheels, diamond rasp, fixtures and inner polishing, diamond repair knife, diamond paste, optical lenses, lens grinding with, glass industry to use, with the gemstone industry, air compressor valves and other dual-plane polishing, polishing plane ferrite magnetic material, ferrite magnetic material used, glass, precious stones with diamond drilling drill pipe, the semiconductor industry with the grain back grinding wheel, diamond grinding wheel LCD panel molybdenum, semiconductor precision cutting wheel.

KINIK PCD polycrystalline diamond workers fixtures; wear-resistant parts and PVDD; CVDD diamond coated tools:

Polycrystalline diamond saw blades, polycrystalline diamond cutter off the V-grooves, polycrystalline diamond repair knife, polycrystalline diamond cutting ramp knife edge, woodworking polycrystalline diamond cutting tool, PCD size terminals, PCD cone repair knife, PCD journal determination hostage with, IC packaging sticky crystals, PCD help frame, PCD tools, PCD polycrystalline diamond abrasion tool, PCD extrusion die, PCD stop tip, PCD electrical contacts stamping dies, PCD workpieces help frame block, CVDD diamond coated tools, PVDD Diamond film CD-Hui, PVDD cutting tools, PVDD squeeze film stereotypes.

World patent (DiaGrid) brazing stone tools:

Petiole wheel with diamond stone; diamond wire saw; profiled processing diamond wheel; UFO disc (stone, concrete), DiaGrid plastic glasses brand grinding wheel, DiaGrid repair diamond knife, iaGrid round shaped diamonds, DiaGrid abandon single-stone diamond repair knife, Biades diamond saw blades, ELID grinding technology, coating micro burs and cutters, KGB-2001 wheel balancing calibrator, PCD polycrystalline diamond cutter wheels, arbor, single crystal diamond scribing knife, drill copper heat sink, high-performance diamond polishing belt, KINIK diamond wafer, 12-inch wafer regeneration, molding aspheric optical glass lenses, semiconductor thin diamond cutter, diamond bonding hammer.

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